Thanks for you interest in contributing to SuperRare’s digital magazine and newsletters. We seek to become a trusted voice in the CryptoArt community that steers conversation and lends guidance to the subversive, exciting, and often confusing NFT art movement.

This page outlines the guidelines for freelance contributors wishing to pitch stories to the magazine. If you are an artist looking to promote a drop or your work more generally, please see this page.

How do I pitch SuperRare my story idea?

Read through the magazine sections below to decide what you’d like to pitch and for which section. Once ready, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

How much does SuperRare pay for freelance pieces?

We will set project fees depending on factors such as story length, time involved, and general level of investment from the writer. Short, quick-hit pieces start at $200 and rates will rise on a project-to-project basis to a possible maximum of $500+.

What magazine sections can I pitch to?


These are lead articles for our newsletters covering a wide array of topics, from profiles of important artists and analysis of groundbreaking artworks to coverage of technological innovations and thought pieces delving into the metaverse.

The vast majority of Features should be narrative-driven. In other words, pitch a story you want to tell, not a topic you want to explore. A good example is: “Dive bars, night stars, and DMT: A weekend with Coldie.”

To steal words from Wired magazine, “tell us something we’ve never heard before, in a way we’ve never seen before. If it challenges our assumptions, so much the better.”

Estimated word count: 1,000-1,500 words

Art that matters

These are short pieces about a specific artwork. Articles should highlight the artwork’s historical, sociopolitical or otherwise unique value (new mediums, innovative techniques, reflective of trend, etc). Examples of these include: “The NFT as a self-portrait rendered one frame at a time: The genesis piece of Jake Fried.”

Estimated word count: 600-900 words

Negative space

This is a critical, opinion-driven column highlighting issues, problematic trends, and community (groupthink) blind spots in the larger CryptoArt community. The intent is to spark discourse. This is not a place to attack specific artists or artworks. Try something like: “Very excited, pumped, excellent: Marco Brambilla and the Winklevii

Estimated word count: 600-900 words

Dispatches from the metaverse

What does the future hold for web3 protocols? Virtual and augmented reality? New hardware? Computational power and network connections? Payment rails? The video game, art and music industries? How will all of this impact individuals? Children? Communities? Web2 companies like Google or Facebook?

This section should focus on the future and, in many cases, stories here could be candidates for Features, like this one: “CryptoPhunks: CryptoPunks parody or copycat?

Estimated word count: 500-1,500 words

Hash recipes

These are short how-to articles about techniques, processes and philosophies used by artists. Generally speaking, we anticipate artists will write or produce these. However, anyone can pitch to this section. As you can see, media files work really well: “Watch: Speed run of artist Nicole Ruggiero’s collaborative artwork composition in Cinema4D.”

Estimated word count: 400-600 words

Artist profiles

These are profiles of a significant artist’s work or career. We prefer them to be in narrative format, like “Astronauts, robots, and broken statues: A talk with Giuseppe Lo Schiavo,” but straight interviews are also a possibility.

Estimated word count: 500-1,000 words

Marketplace analysis

Data-driven articles about trends in the CryptoArt marketplace, not specific to SuperRare. If you are interested in writing for this section, ask us about access to our public facing data dashboard.

Estimated word count: 400-600 words

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