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2d illustrator & animator based on Turkey. Mostly creates unique characters & worlds which have possibility to exist in different circumstances of far galaxies. In fiction, those worlds appear as a reflection of the humanity culture and considering the aesthetic of design, it introduces short stories in a divine atmosphere. In the place where fiction & realms meet.

Edition 1 of 1
In the depths of the mystic realms
there is a Temple of Sand &
Constellations where explorers
search for the dynamics of life. The
dark vaporises in front of their eyes,
revealing all the answers. 3840 x
2160 pixel / 4K 300 DPI


The digital chronicle of this world. My life background + pen. ✦

Edition 1 of 1
It’s not just a town. This is my town. He
describes a small but insanely intense
period of my life and how it has
changed. Before, this field could be
compared to a ship that drifted into
the sea in a calm. Without landmarks.
Without understanding where to sail
further and which port to enter. This
stage of my life was very important. I
found port, field and built a town
there. Hometown-4. [MP4].


Edition 1 of 1
A poignant memory, a letter with meaning, a graphical statement on the vaguery of time and intimacy of the soul.  


Digital collage & Surrealism artist

“The Beauty of a pure soul”
Edition 1 of 1
Even if the body disintegrates into
dust, the beauty will always be with
me. The memories we made together
never faded like a soulless body.
Beauty will continue to surround me
until the last moment. Keep in mind
that you are the purest and most
beautiful soul I have ever loved.


Lighton is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris in France. His works stands out as a real ode to the 90s and to all the esthetics of this period: especially the comics, the advertisement and the japanese culture. He also worked a decade as an artistic director in advertising and this experience had an impact on the story of his art. For him a torn poster in the subway is more than an old ad. It’s a scar of the past.

“Juice effect”
Edition 1 of 1
The NFT space is, for me, the best thing an artist can dream of. It can change someone’s life with the press of a button and is able
to bring people together like never before, by avoiding the trappings of the old centralized ways. 
Unfortunately, it also give rise to heightened emotions, positive and negative ones, 
and can become very addictive, stressful and even depressing sometimes. In this piece, 
I tried to capture the madness and the euphoria I felt in 2021. 
I’ll probably never forget the year that changed the art space forever and it’s just the beginning of something huge.
Take care, 01001100 01001111 01010110 01000101


Digital Abstract Painter.

Edition 1 of 1
Trace #01 — Decoder #84


“Free, weightless, brave. No. 1”
Edition 1 of 1
There is so much unknown, undiscovered and mysterious about the ocean. So much of what is taught to us encourages fear. 
We learn about rips and currents, 
big waves and sharks, 
we hear of drownings and deaths and are told to obey flags and rules. 
But anyone lucky enough to live near it, anyone who is able to swim, 
dive or surf in it, knows just how magical, liberating and life-enhancing the ocean can be. 
My images are inspired by this dichotomy of fear and love that overwhelms our relationship with the ocean. This series of works intends to capture that feeling of sublime freedom that exists underwater, 
a place where we can be simultaneously vulnerable and unrestrained. 
There is a raw beauty in being stripped back to our natural state, this underwater 
world giving us permission to release the shackles and constraints 
of our everyday human experience and become weightless, 
brave, floating and free. 
When we confront what scares us, we remove its power 
and in that way our greatest fears can become our greatest freedom. I chose women as the subject of these images because, 
for me, there is something beautiful in the fluidity 
and grace of the female form that embodies 
the emotional and spiritual essence of freedom. 
An elegance of movement that seems entirely at home in the dappled light, 
patterns, and reflections beneath the surface of the ocean. 


Artist. Sculpting stuff from CGI clay.

“Tourmaline Crystalian”
Edition 1 of 1
In the future not so far away, during the final human attempt to mine and gather 
Earth’s last resources, an underground nation, known as Crystalians, 
decided to stop humanity from destroying the remains of what once was our green planet. Tourmaline is the Crystalian Leader, 
who returned from his journey from the Center of the Earth to the Rainbow. 
Tourmaline shields you from unwelcome energies. 
This Crystalian can dissolve negative thought patterns such as fear, 
transmuting them into more beneficial energy, like inspiration and self-confidence.


SNUFFY /ˈsnʌfi/ Verb: to contextualize emotion through surreal imagery Similar: suicide hotline, therapy, tattoos, addiction, pizza

“you’ll be back”
Edition 1 of 1
its only purpose is to make someone
feel something the skin is the original
stencils I used to place my first 555


I always try to create multilayers art. A layer of concept as the base with a layer of story and meaning as the body. A layer of pleasant look and feel with colors, textures and lights as the toppings But sometimes there are some hidden layers that you need to discover.

Edition 1 of 1
Memories are the only thing we can
keep with us forever. Time is the
master. I wish you all the colorful

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