SuperRare Staff Picks, Vol. 3

For volume three of our SuperRare Staff Picks. SuperRare Labs’ Oli Scialdone, Zach Kolodny, and Emilio share their favorites from Kelsey Rolling, Sinclair, Acid Boy, and more. A few gifs, a few videos, a few stills, and one crazy AR piece await you below, finished off with a nice, round point.

Oli Scialdone – Associate Editor

Acid Boy is one of my favorite artists working in NFTs. This piece particularly is mesmerizing as it engulfs itself over and over again.

Oli Scialdone

Jellyfish on Acid” by @acidboy

I love the juxtaposition between the style and the subject matter. The pastels make major players in the healthcare system actually seem all the more sinister.

Oli Scialdone

WEALTHCARE” by @kidnimbus

This piece hits somewhere between Picasso and Patrick Nagel, with with traces of early 90s anime OVAs. Psychedelic retrofuturism at its best.

Oli Scialdone

MIAMI PENTHOUSE” by @iammago

Zach Kolodny – Protocol Engineer

The AE-1 (SN 3557201)” by @beercandid

Starry Night Reimagined” by @notoriousgangofone

Imma Let You Finish” by @sinclair

Emilio – Chief Legal Officer

This work captures the essence of my post-covid paranoia.


CHEMISTRY:_” by @burst_

The disinterested, lazy gander of the subject in this macro tells me that something is coming, but that something doesn’t concern me. The work is remarkably subtle and feels like a prescient moment in time.


foresight in queue” by @urfatherfigure

This early example of NFT poetry makes a pretty compelling point.


What’s the point?” by @brandonwalsh

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