SuperRare Staff Picks, Vol. 2

Volume two of our SuperRare Staff Picks welcomes the likes of Neurocolor, Killer Acid, Vitaliy Raskalov, and more. Our Director of Engineering, DevOps Engineer, Product Support Specialist, and Copywriter offered their recent favorites. Take a gander, perhaps even take one home with you. All I know is that we’ve got some lookers down there.

Nick Brown – Director of Engineering

neurocolor’s work is the first I’ve seen that accurately captures my excitement opening foil/holo Magic: The Gathering cards as a kid. Okay fine, in my 20s as well. This piece also feels like you get multiple discrete works in a single NFT, which I love.

Nick Brown

Negative Null” by @neurocolor

Jacob Elias – DevOps Engineer

I dig the transitions from landscape to landscape

Jacob Elias

Civilizations of an Exoplanet” by @leoisikdogan

Man is up there…also cool story in the NFT description on how they did it

Jacob Elias

Shanghai Tower” by @ontheroofs

Rainbow road vibes

Jacob Elias

Lunar Highway, 2022” by @postwook

Ed Yu – Product Support

I chose this piece because it’s the genesis piece of @ANIMAtttIC’s Hedron Series and I was captivated by the therapeutically hypnotizing movement in this gif. I love the Hedron Series’ thesis and also for the project’s affordable price entry that welcomes new collectors to collect without the deep pockets.

Ed Yu

#200” by @animatttic

Chris Kokiousis – Brand Copywriter

Blades of Growth” by @pajaritaflora-digital

High-Rise” by @seerlight

Right-click and Save As Killer Acid Guy” by @killeracid

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Author profile

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