Celebrating Black Artists on SuperRare

Introducing the Quarterly Curator Program and Community Event Calendar

Bold, strong, and brave, web3 in color.

In honor of Black History Month, we’re excited to announce our quarterly curator program and year-round community events to showcase Black and BIPOC voices across the NFT landscape.

We believe that NFTs can empower marginalized artists from around the world to sell their work, tell their story, and be part of the art market. Talent is everywhere, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to take part in this creative renaissance. We acknowledge that the web3 space needs more work in supporting BIPOC artists, but this is one step of many in representing the diversity of the web3 art market.

First, our quarterly curator program will feature an esteemed Black curator on SuperRare, who will select around 5-10 new artists to join the platform. These artists will be showcased with a Feature and other editorial written by Black writers, as well as on social media and in our email newsletter.

We’re thrilled to announce that our first curator will be Linda Dounia — an incredible Senegalese artist whose work explores power dynamics and how they affect culture. Her exhibition BLACK*RARE will be going live on SuperRare on February 7.

Meanwhile, SuperRare has planned an ongoing series of Twitter Spaces, Discord classes, and both virtual and in-person gallery events that celebrate Black artistry. Hosted by Black artists, educators, and thought leaders across the space, these community events will span a wide array of topics. Join the conversation on Discord and follow the calendar for the full events schedule.

Black History Month is a time to honor and celebrate the Black community, but as we know, a month is only a month. With the power of web3, we hope to foster a more equitable roadmap for Black artists, curators, collectors, and educators that can last long into the future. We can’t wait to work together!

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