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FakeShamus is the Manifest Destinaut, Chaos Pilgrim, Negator of Future Totems. Usurper and and Lost Raver in the virtual æther, his Vapour Fingers are Infinite and untraceable 🔥 Creating with digital 3D tools for over 15 years, Shamus creates renderings, animations, and digital simulations. His absurd, darkly funny imagery reflects themes of apocalypse, misguided bravado, illusions of control, and tragedies of ambition, all refracted through the prism of digital media.


Edition 1 of 1
A cash-only tombstone; divine altar of
the ancients with offerings to the
$3.00 transaction fee G-ds. You,
totemic shaman, crypto-seeker,
follow the glowing beacon of death
calling to you (from the corner, by the
bodega) looping seamlessly in 4K.
Looping 3D animation, 16 seconds,
3840x2160px. Everything created
from scratch using Blender, Zbrush,
and Photoshop, by yours truly,
FakeShamus, Manifest Destinaut. ps-
you’ve got some blood on your chin…


Abstract nature artist. I use a mixture of procedural, animated and simulated methods.

Mushrooms of Paradise – 03

Edition 1 of 1
As delicate as they are rare. They
grow in different shapes and sizes but
are known for their vibrantly coloured
caps made of a light, web pattern
structure. Edition 1/1 1080×1350
Seamless Loop


Generative artist + intersectional futurist. Code as assemblage, motion as survival.

Sonnen sinn spektrum

Edition 1 of 1
A generative exploration of fluid
dynamics, solar energy and sensual
expression, socially charged from
centuries of gazes encoded to the age
of the algorithms. In nature all colors
are one seen in different states of
motion; this shifting
body-environment invites viewers to
revel in this complex unity.


Synchrodogs is an Award Winning artistic duo Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova, working together since 2008. Clients: Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Lady Gaga, Bimba Y Lola, Swarovski, Kenzo, Warp records Had more than 40 exhibitions in museums and galleries all over the World. Love nature and sharing kindness ❤️

LIGHT HALO / The Point of No Return

Edition 1 of 1
The project is about discovering hidden energy sources within oneself, and moving forward, widening 
one’s subconscious to the point of no turning back, just like progress and innovation can not be reversed 
back once discovered and out in the World. The project consists of a series of 3d animations depicting a 
process of linking with a deep rooted power and forming an everlasting bond with the World full of 
undiscovered potential and vigour. In collaboration with Simon Kounovksy. Year: 2021
Format: Mp4 Size: 1280x1920px Duration: 19 sec FPS: 24


Award-winning filmmaker, animator, and illustrator based in NYC & Shanghai.


Edition 1 of 1
Inner beasts. 1920×1080 Parts of the
proceeds will go to


French director who combines cinematic art and artificial intelligence. My work articulates itself around dance and movement as well as the use of the style transfer which gives a whole new meaning to any project, both visual and narrative.

The invitation

Edition 1 of 1
At the turn of a dark alley, at a time
where only specters of humanity are
still awake, a man invites me to follow
him. What would you have done ? Me…
I just went for it. Dancers:
@kine_ama_selase, @rissc,
@mulunesh_t Music by Rim Laurens
Video created by a style transfer AI
process. December 2021, 17 sec,
3840×2160 The collector will get the
original video file in 4K


Rukmunal Hakim (b. 1983) is a self-taught artist and illustrator based in South Tangerang, Indonesia. He takes inspirations from all living, natural creatures and personal anecdotes in his visual artworks. Born with color blind condition do not stop him to keep creating and experimenting with artworks using color, both digital and traditional. His works have been exhibited in Jakarta, Bandung, Japan and the Netherlands, among others.


Edition 1 of 1
“Me and my fear, me and my efforts to
conquer my fear, the earliest and first


Animation director at Hornet, playful computer software at iorama, lecturer at Bezalel academy.

Pikki’s journey

Edition 1 of 1
At a steady pace treading
softly breath at a time Pikki’s
journey continues


“I call my practice Non-Subjective Work.”


Edition 1 of 1
It all started with a doodle that he was sketching in 1993. It looked like a combination of the Japanese 
cartoon character “Iron Arm Atom” and “Mickey Mouse” from Walt Disney. 
That turned into Atomaus. When he first created Atomaus, he thought it 
was a kind of symbol that combined the concepts that appeared in American culture and 
concepts created based on Japanese culture. In the early days, Atomaus was an image like 
a simple black-and-white symbol without a shadow or three-dimensional effect, 
but since then, the body, background, and color have been applied, changing into various 
forms without staying at the symbol level.
Lee Dongi’s Genesis NFT, which will be introduced on Super Rare, amplified tension and vitality 
by expressing Atomaus’s earliest form of head in 3D and adding flash effects on top of it in 
collaboration with digital artist Yi Tim.


J.C. Jongwon Park is an illustrator and concept artist based in Hamburg, Germany where he currently works in the video game , feature film , animation ,TV commercial , publication industry. J.C. has created concept art for games such as Gears of War , Chorus , Everspace , Aion and Legend of the Cryptids.


Edition 1 of 1
This is personal ‘ Encourage ‘ artwork
by JC Park Creative Studios ( 2018 )
image size 8000 x 4514 pixel,


Multi-Multidisciplinary Artist

“Self Portrait of Aleqth.png”

Edition 1 of 1
I’m inspired by the surrealist movement. The way the objects are rendered as they were barely 
even there, the depth of feel (and field), not to mention the colors? Come on man, Surrealism 
is fireeee. This is a self portrait, an expressionist work representing me and a figurative embodiment 
of my imagination. This also happens to be my first mint on SuperRare, which I’m clearly very 
excited about. I wanted to start of strong, with a BANG, and I think I really brought it on this one. 
Owner of this NFT has the option to receive the original, which is on 8.5×11 inch paper.

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