SuperRare’s first Space Race is complete. Let’s take a look at the results 🛸 🏁 

By Lee Knight, Technical Community Manager

Over the last several months, the SuperRare Labs team has been working hard to build out the Spaces product and launch the Space Race, the first step towards decentralizing curation in the SuperRare Network. From the announcement of the $RARE governance token and the DAO this summer, to successful completion of the first Space Race, it’s been a thrilling ride. Through the continued support of the SuperRare community, we’ve arrived at the results of the first Space Race with fantastic turnout. There were 35 incredible proposal submissions, out of which the community selected five winners.

To enter the Space Race, prospective Spaces submit a proposal to be voted on by the community. Anyone who holds $RARE can vote, with voting weighted proportionally to the number of tokens held. Voters can place all their votes on a single entrant, or spread them around to as many proposals as they like.

With the first race now complete, let’s take a look at the results:

Great DAO voting participation rates – 28% of circulating tokens

Get to know the winners of Space Race #1

The Museum of CryptoArt: 6.95 million votes

MoCA intends to focus on artists who are already a part of their collection. Aiming to revitalize their earlier and underappreciated artists, they’ll give them a chance to connect more deeply with their audience.

33NFT: 5.18 million votes

A burly roster of supportive members built on trust, friendship and commitment make up the team. They are focused on top OG and emerging artists, to build and propel their creative community forward.

The Foundry (MoCDA): 4.9 million votes

The Foundry team will take a more studious approach to their Space curation. Focusing on the academic understanding of the current digital art movement, they will highlight artists with unique perspectives, may it be their identity, practices or worldview.

Monograma:  4.42 million votes

This artist and collector community prides themselves on how world-wide their collective is, encompassing artists and collectors spanning 37 countries and 5 continents. They aim to leave their footprint in AR and Metaverse landscapes with influential and emerging artists.

Metafisica: 4.15 million votes

Metafisica is on a mission to establish itself as the premier crypto art gallery for Latin American art. In doing so, they hope to recapture the cultural capital produced by the LATAM diaspora and help underrepresented artists earn a living from their artistic output.


These five groundbreaking Spaces will come online in early 2022.

The action is only just beginning– join us on Discord for our upcoming community calls:

  • Launchpad Session: “Why have a Space” on Dec. 9 at 8am PST on Discord
  • Community call on Dec.16 on Discord

The next Space Race will be announced soon, so grab your $RARE and get ready to make your voice heard and shape the future of SuperRare in the next Space Race. LFG!

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Lee Knight

Lee is a technologist, CryptoEvangelist, EthDenver OG, musician and Art Historian. Previously contributing to projects at Ujo, Golem, and DAOHaus. They are SuperRare’s Technical Community Manager.

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