Enter the Monolith: a new NFT experience

The Monolith started out as a great idea that was probably too much work to get done for Miami Art Week 2021. But instead of going about it slowly, with a year of brainstorming, planning, networking, and executing, the NFT community came together and got the ball rolling in less than 4 weeks. These are but a few of the artists that will be featured on this year’s inaugural monolith, along with a complete list of participants below. See any of your favorite creators here? Come find them at the SuperRare monolith in Miami, and maybe, one day, on a monolith in a city near you!

Sarah Zucker

Bryan Brinkman




Krista Kim


Carlos Marcial

What is Art?


Ryan Koopmans

The Wild Within – ‘Devotion’

Cath Simard

◦ ⦿ ◉ ⦿ ◦



Labyrinth of Doubt

Also featuring:

Thomas Stokes III, Pajaritaflora Digital, Sven Eberwein, KidMoGraph, REO, Brilly, TwistedVacancy, Alessio De Vecchi, Jimmy Edgar, Sterling Crispin, GMUNK, ha:ar, Nick Thomm, Cool 3D World, Sofia Crespo, Mathew Stone, Jesse Woolston, ZY, Nick Den Boer, deathhimself, yuma kishi, Michael Kozlowski, MAXIM, Luna Ikuta, Michael Kutsche, Victor Mosquera, Giselle Angeles, Paul Gerben, MAREO, Seva.Love, Ryan Talbot, Patricia Costa, Tina Eisen, algomystic, Fakito, k0ch, Nicolas Sassoon, Zach Lieberman, and Angel Resto

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