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“The Adored Conquistador” by @federicosolmi

Reflecting the social media influencers of today, MIRRORS turns the spotlight on a cast of history’s A-list emperors, conquistadors and beloved leaders, starring in self-indulgent infamy as they smile and exhibit their lavish wealth, costumes, and ego. Their historic exploits immortalized them, yet they all shine in the common light of narcissism. Narcissism is the spell that binds them, forever fueling their lust for glory. MIRRORS 4 – Hernan Cortes The Adored Conquistador Edition 1/1

Transcendence by @billelis

A state of being that has overcome the limitations of physical existence and experienced a higher sense of spirituality. The finite journey of mortality evolves into an eternal being of consciousness and becomes an inseparable existence in the divine afterlife. Billelis depicts the journey of one’s transcendence and acceptance into the divine afterlife. “ This work is
a part of the #Dart2121 exhibition. From the 23rd of November 2021 to the 6th of February 2022, Milan – Dart Museum – Permanente di Milano – Wrong Theory “

Ripple by @stijn_orlans

Part 2 out of 4 from a series of 3D renders called ‘Slides’. The series is about colorful abandoned water parks that have become one with their environment. The render is 5000 by 4000 pixels, created with Cinema4D, Octane and Photoshop.

A meal went wrong by @stefanocolferai

Plasticine, Stop motion. 3500×5000. 2021

Lorem Ipsum Funk – III by @idrisveitch

The third piece in a series of fashion/mixed media collages. This way of design started during my final year of fashion school in Tokyo, Japan. For my graduation collection, I used collage to design garments and as part of my research. This fun series is a re-discovery of that time 🙂

ROAR by @missalsimpson


Anamnesis by @txstokes

“The recollection or remembrance of the past or previous life; reminiscence.” Physical painting (24 x 30 in) comes with the NFT and can be used together with AR. An NFC tag is included in the painting as well. “ This work belongs to #Dart2121 exhibition. From the 23rd of November 2021 to the 6th of February 2022, Milan – Dart Museum – Permanente di Milano – Wrong Theory “

SAHAR by @smeccea

High Elf of the Forgotten Realm

Cine & Color: Lady in Red by @monaris

Rough around the edges but the definition of beauty, she is loyal and always there for him when he needs her most. Decades-old, she has lived a long life, and yet, somehow, she still
has so much to give. They make each other feel young again, instilling a new breath of life and love into one another’s hearts. And though she might not be perfect, she’s his.

Origin by @domqwek

Every moment is a gift 🟡

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