Rare reports: The 10 heftiest gains on artwork sales over the last two weeks

By Luke Whyte, Editorial Director

The ๐Ÿ‘ moment ๐Ÿ‘ has ๐Ÿ‘ come: We’re dusting off the ol’ SuperRare secondary market ledger, cracking a few 48oz vodka-spiked Red Bulls and pulling consecutive all nighters to bring you a list of the juiciest gains and thickest cut margins in our not-so-new series: Rare Reports.

Here are the artwork sales over the last 14 days that resulted in the highest percentage of profit for the previous owner. Primary market sales are excluded, this is just about highlighting collectors who had an early eye for hidden gems that blossomed into classics.

#10: asSORTED FEELings by @vansdesign (^3,440%)

@vansdesign minted “asSORTED FEELings” in late November, 2019 and @tenjed bought it six months later for 0.64 ETH ($151 at the time). 12 days ago, @siddhi took it off his hands for 1.5 ETH ($6,119 at the time).

That’s a Business Class on British Airways-like profit of $5,968 (or 3,440%).

#9: Hive of Activity by @blackboxdotart (^3,790%)

12 days ago @siddhi bought “Hive of Activity” for 1.89 ETH ($7,721 at the time) from @thedruid who won the piece just 3 month prior with a 0.055 ETH ($174 at the time) auction bid.

A $7,647 profit (or 3,790%) in less than 90 days of ownership!

#8: ?(John McAfee) by @robness (^7,810%)

@starrynight dropped 50 ETH ($210,167 clams at the time) 11 days ago to buy @robness‘ “?(John McAfee)” from @maxstealth who purchased the work a year ago for 5 ETH ($2,321 at the time).

The sale resulted in a cholesterol-spiking $207,846 (or 7,810%) in profit.

#7: #2020Art-07 by @robeberle (^9,554%)

Last week @tkvault bought “#2020Art-07” for 0.5 ETH ($2,052 at the time). The artwork was last purchased by @javo for 0.099 ETH ($18 at the time).

The result was a “listening to Whitney Houston on molly” magnitude profit of $2,034 (or 9,554%).

#6: Isamu Kaneko – Crypto Portrait by @normanharman (^16,089%)

First minted in the distant past of 2019, @normanharman‘s “Isamu Kaneko – Crypto Portrait” was purchased soon after by @lev for 0.42 ETH ($85 at the time) and resold 12 days ago to @rent55 for 3.85 ETH ($15,865 at the time).

Fill car with foam machines and drive to Cabo, thats a $15,780 (or 16,089%) profit!

#5: $$$ NARCISSIST by @missalsimpson (^20,799%)

@missallsimpson‘s “$$$ NARCISSIST” just sold to @labubu for 4.0 ETH ($16,931 at the time) from collector @zanqui8, who purchased the piece in December 2019 for 0.49 ETH ($70).

Better buy bigger cargo shorts, that’s a $16,861 (or 20,799%) profit!

#4: Magritte’s Weed Pipe by @carlosmarcialt (^21,816%)

@vincentvandough just bought @carlosmarcialt‘s “Magritte’s Weed Pipe” for 7.55 ETH ($31,889 at the time) from artist @alotta_money, who purchased it 4 days before Christmas in 2019 for 1 ETH ($127 at the time).

That’s a $31,762 (or 21,816%), “handing out full size Snickers on Halloween” level of profit.

#3: DIGITAL MACHINIST by @missalsimpson (^33,100%)

@cryptomorgs just purchased “DIGITAL MACHINIST” for 4 ETH ($16,942 at the time) from @sweden2023, who purchased the work for 0.2 ETH ($44 at the time) two years ago.

ยกNo mames cabroncito, una pinche ganancia de $16,898 (o 33,100%)!

#2: Oilmelon by @robness (^100,615%)

Awww yiss! @starrynight purchased “Oilmelon” for 50 ETH ($206,321 at the time) from @satsmoon 12 days ago, who purchased the piece for 0.75 ETH ($179 at the time) a year yonder.

That’s a “YouTube video of a solider being reunited with his lost dog” profit of $206,142 (or 100,615%)!!

#1: The Digital Self by @osiris (^108,957%)

@designedinaj bought @osiris‘s “The Digital Self” on September 10th, 2019, two days after it was minted, for 0.3 ETH ($53 at the time) and sold it to @billywhistler 10 days ago for 16 ETH ($66,461 at the time).

An “open a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and throw away the lid” level of profit at $66,408 (or 108,957%)!!

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