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Camibus is a visual artist that explores the aesthetic of the human figure, using surreal elements to depict psychological and philosophical themes.


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The piece was created as a result of
my ban from Twitter because of my
art. It tries to capture the feelings of
helplessness and isolation caused by
the exile, but also the frustration and
injustice of art censorship and being
denied to be part of the NFT
community by a bigger, centralized
power. Painted in Procreate,
September, 2021.


Korean Australian. Footwear innovation designer by day, illustrator by night.

“What Do I Do?”

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Some of us have to choose our nationality when we are 18 without knowing which country we truly belong to. 
Time is limited and we need to make our choice. People don’t listen nor they don’t care about our situations, 
they just want us to pick which color of the passport will be used to identify ourselves. ‘What Do I Do’ 
expresses dilemma, confusion, consequences, and state of my mind at the time of choice. This is presented 
through the Australian bird wearing a Korean traditional mask that illustrates people who ignore listening 
and forcing me to choose from the options. Other spacemen waiting in the line express people who are alike 
and being forced to choose. Lastly, the Spaceman who is captured in a birdcage represents me, 
not knowing what to do. so, what do I do..?


Digital nomad. Powered by desire. Art non stop. Full-time cryptoartist.

“Shadows of a cliché: Astronaut”

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How far is the sky if you are attached
to the ground? / Is a dream a dream if
it can’t fly? / If it’s held by bricks and
stones? / … / Look up. / Look beyond. /
Don’t forget to look around.


Founded in Austin, Texas in 2019 by Bruno Canales, CREA is a one-man design lab where multiple disciplines come together. Crea means “Create” in Spanish and is the studio’s banner.

“Human, All Too Human #1”

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First part in a series of reflections on
what it means to be human and an
overt nod to Nietzsche’s book by the
same name.


Tye Martinez is a multidisciplinary artist currently based out of Bellingham, WA. Focusing on the connection between emotions and various art forms, Tye aims to mend the preconceived notion that feeling different is not normal. Speaking of all emotions should not be considered taboo, and art can be such an excellent gateway to help normalize what it’s like to feel down or different.


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YOUWILLNEVERFORGETMYFACE Winner gets the seed phrase to: 0x0d661f4787af2e9e5e1f777a9844b5a11b1f9727


Born in France, SMOGONE was raised in Paris where he found a love for drawing. He started drawing at age 4 and at the age of 13, he moved to Florida. In the early 80’s, he was introduced to the Hip Hop culture and discovered graffiti . Over time, SMOGONE developed a 3D style of lettering and characters and is proudly a part of the XMEN Crew, FX Crew, and BSK Crew (Miami). SMOGONE started painting canvas in the mid 90’s and continued to develop his style. His primary focus on murals and canvas.


Edition 1 of 1
This NFT was created from an
original, acrylic painted canvas by


Zach Bodtorf is an artist based in Vermont, USA.


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Nadeene is a meditation on orthographic projections of geometric growth patterns, loosely inspired by 
the analysis and design of the lattice-type steel structures that are often used to support high 
voltage transmission lines. Nadeene was shown at ‘When the Computer Made Art’, a group exhibition 
presented by ARTXCODE for the 2019 Contemporary and Digital Art Fair in Miami, FL. Credits: Python 3.5.5 
(pandas+numpy) within Blender 2.80. Printing Specifications: Giclée print on Hahnemühle German 
Etching paper 30in x 24in (76.2cm x 60.96cm) 


Hi I’m Rob, creator of otherworldly imagery since 2009. I thread together memory, reality and dream to bring surreal visions to this plane of space. My work seeks to unite the human experience with the natural world we originated from while also exploring the interconnectivity we experience as a globally connected species. I’ve created work with Universal Pictures, Sotheby’s, Capitol Records, Vanity Fair, Vogue, The Royal Ballet, Adobe and more. Welcome to my gallery!

“El Espiritu Asciende Part 3”

Edition 1 of 1
The advancement of society, the
prevention of destruction, this
happens together.


Art Director × Motion Designer


Edition 1 of 1
This artwork is the #13 of the Ignition Collection and is paired with a physical token: a unique display case. Curated by Motion Plus Design. The 3040 after-heat was believed to be the culmination of dysprosium exploitation. But 10 years later, against all odds, the discovery of a new generation of fissile has led the Unit 3b to be reborn, with hybrid mechanical and AI-powered technologies ushering in a new era of mining the rarest mineral on Gaia.
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