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My work today, is expressive figurative contemporary art most often based on the momentary feeling and mood. It’s a reflection of a lifetime of unconscious inspiration and an ongoing creative practice. A universe of happy, dark, nonsensical and grotesque intuitions. I don’t intend to deliver a specific message consciously, it is merely a reflection of a state of mind in the moment.

“Joy Of Joes”

Edition 1 of 1
A joyous gathering of Joes. Rendered
VR painted characters. Size 420×594
mm, 20mm border


Hello! I am a 3D Designer who likes to explore my creative feminine side.

“The Three Ranis”

Edition 1 of 1
These three women are adorned in
lavish jewelry and beautiful patterns,
inspired by the elegant style of India.


I am a 3D artist from Spain who loves to mix abstract ad real elements on his artworks, to create different feelings on the spectator.

“Elixir of Dragons”

Edition 1 of 1
From the depths of the mountains,
where ancient dragons still sleep, lies
an elixir that has lain hidden for
thousands of years. Legend says that
the person who finds it will obtain
unimaginable powers that come from
the souls of dragons, and there it
continues, patiently waiting, for
someone to discover it.


A mix between nature, fantasy, beauty and pain. I enjoy exercising the weird, silliness of life into my art. A documentation of my human experience and growth.

“Ice Queen”

The first collector of this NFT will also
receive the physical painting. 11×9
inches oil on canvas.


3d concept sculpt

“Deep breath”

Edition 1 of 1
Overwhelmed. Scared. Lost.


•Multidisciplinary artist based in NYC.
•Mixed Media Storyteller
•Travel enthusiast

“‘Giza’ A post-Apocalyptic view”

Edition 1 of 1
In 2018 I was invited by the board of tourism of Egypt to what was a trip of a lifetime. I grew
 up reading and learning about Egypt in text books and visiting the pyramids of Giza was a lifelong
 dream. Seeing them in real life was something I could not put into words. The first day in Cairo 
was undeniably a culture shock that excited me in many ways; the people, the architecture, the 
busy streets, the Nile river and the food were just the beginning of a journey that will stick with 
me until the day I die. On that first day during sunset, I went to the roof of the hotel I was staying 
and I could not believe my eyes… I heard people saying you could see the pyramids from the 
city but I never imagined this perspective. I stared at this breathtaking view for a good half an 
hour before I ran to grab my camera and took a few shots. It was later when I realized I was capturing 
two worlds apart by years of evolution; the old and the new, the history and the different visions 
of generations. I went to photograph them up close, however this perspective was my favorite 
because it shows how mighty the pyramids are even from afar. The haze during sunset made the city feel like some post-apocalyptic world. After 10 days in this magical country I 
shared some of the best moments of my life with a group of people that inspired one another 
and learned a lot from a country and its ancient history. An opportunity I will cherish for life.
Dimensions 5081 × 7617 -Resolution 300 × 300


Illustrator & Concept-Artist / Creator of “ANOMALY” _/ Currently working on an unannounced AAA vid-game at QuanticDream/ Illustrations for DUNE / Mortal Engines / HALO / Warhammer40K & above 50 book covers in the past decade

“/ ALPHA -|- PR3LUDE /”

Edition 1 of 1
The first was here all along, Deep beneath the waves it slumbered. Waiting. Until the day we found it. It was out of time. Out of place. It shouldn’t have been there. We called it The Anomaly. Our machines couldn’t move it. Our tools couldn’t break it. It defied study. Defied understanding. Defied logic. Its mystery challenged us. But no matter how hard we beat against its stone face, it refused to reveal its secrets. Frustrated, our questions became whispers until we finally abandoned it to the silent dark. Forgot about it. Turned our eyes instead to the stars. We calculated distances. Honed our technology. Then hoisted steel sails and soared. We conquered the vacuum. Drank from the bleeding light of our sun. Probed the wings of comets in search of water. Delved into the bellies of ancient moons to reap mineral treasures. Everything was collected. Measured. Defined. For a while, we felt the satisfaction of conquest. Discovery after discovery fueled our relentless need to explore. And then we found it. Another Anomaly just like the first. And then another. And another. Everywhere we went, always another. World upon world bore their weight as their path spiraled through the galaxy like cosmic breadcrumbs. What were they? Messages? Beacons? Monoliths to forgotten gods? If we followed them, where would they lead? To civilization or barbarism? Life or death? All we knew was something had to be there in the end. Waiting.Edition 1 of 1
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