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Deus ex machina by @nicovuignier

One late afternoon I set up my drone to shoot a hand-plant before heading home. The battery was low, I rushed, framed the shot, pressed record, shut down the drone controller, put it in my pocket, and dropped in. Unfocused, I crashed. A couple of months later I stumbled upon this shot on my computer, what at the time seemed like a failed shot gained a new life with a little help “from the machine”

The L.A.B. by @toomuchlag

“We knew it had to be somewhere; at long last, buried under a fortress of stone, lulled in an endless slumber. The L.A.B has been unearthed. The journey continues.” Enter the lab: https://leanime.art/thelab

Mermaid’s tears by @wonderkatzi

All profits from this drop will be donated to Too Young to Wed, an organisation whose mission is to empower girls and end child marriage globally. TYTW is currently working to arrange the safe evacuation of 175 high-risk female Afghan journalists, activists and their families.

/ CONSUMPTION / by @amirzand

Connection -01- / From Project Anomaly, Personal Series that has been started back in 2016 and being developed through the years focusing on Mental and Heart conditions, /CONSUMPTION/ falls under mental condition with SciFi approach to how brain functions and consumes energy to give birth to new Ideas, it was the early development of the new generation of Anomalies and it’s finally encrypted on the blockchain and will be followed with more Art from the series /// Let’s Connect

SAWARGA by @iannocent

SAWARGA mean Heaven on my cultural language. This is represent my imaginary world about it.

#14 Dragonfly by @qimono

These look delicious, yet they never stop flying by.

I Will Find Out What’s On Your Mind by @jessedraxler

1642px x 2160px 20 second loopable video – Analog and digital collage.

Fantasy by @ardhiraputra

Summer has gone, autumn is coming. Let me take you to my reverie. // Featuring Flashmo // Music by The Roogs – /H264-MP4/ 30FPS/ 3Dloopinganimation/ 1920x1920PX/

Market by @kitasavi

“Market”. Sculpted in Nomad, Medium and ZBrush. Rendered in Cinema 4D and Octane. 1 of 1. 4000x5000px.

Predator by @noahkocher

Primal instincts

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