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Algorithm #2 by @joepease

The second piece in the Algorithm series.

Tell Me The Story! by @artside

First piece of the “Subconscious Reflections Series” // Loneliness, depression, screams… The feeling of drowning in thoughts and deafening silent screams of subconsciousness. // The 52-hertz whale is an individual whale of unidentified species which calls at the unusual frequency of 52 Hz. Its call has been detected regularly in many locations since the late 1980s and appears to be the only individual emitting a whale call at this frequency. However, the whale itself has never been sighted, it has only been heard via hydrophones. It has been described as the “world’s loneliest whale”. // I created this artwork in 2016 and I came across with this story of 52Hz Whale in 2020. I realized that, he and I felt the same feelings and our consciousness was crossed.

The Nine Circles by @alexkonstad

We all must endure our own personal hells . Painted as a form of catharsis to rediscover my artistic voice, this image serves as a launching point for my next creative endeavors; crawling out of my own personal hell back to a place I feel content making work I love. The biggest and most ambitious painting I’ve made to date. The first of a triptych of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. If any one person collects all three there is a special painting to be airdropped.

METROPOLIS by @jacob

“METROPOLIS” — This was the beginning. A photo that represents what you could call the ‘genesis’ of my aerial photography career. One that inspired hundreds of thousands of people to look at Hong Kong differently and a piece that paved the way for my love to capture extreme and unique perspectives, those rarely seen by the human eye. Oh…and this was also my very first helicopter ride. It’s 4pm and we’re standing on the roof of The Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon. Moments later a helicopter circles around us before coming into land. This particular helicopter had already had the doors taken off and the seats were completely exposed to the outside. We were ushered over by the pilot (who I found out later was a local movie star and part-time pilot) and climb in frantically. To my surprise, instead of a harness secured to the helicopter, he showed me the airplane-style seatbelt which was to be the only thing securing me…the type with a simple buckle which can be undone with just a flick of your hand. Seconds later we took to the skies, climbing to well over 3000ft. We cruised above the city taking some photos, in awe of the experience, but nothing had really stood out to me photo-wise — I was still craving a more extreme angle. I joked with the pilot and to my surprise a few minutes later, as we passed over the Wan Chai area, he threw the helicopter into a banking turn that left me suspended by only my seatbelt. Seeing just blue sky through one door and the city through the other, I reached out and held my shutter, feeling my entire weight pressed against the material of the seatbelt. As we straightened out I clung to the seat and checked my camera. This was the moment I wanted, a perfect birds-eye view showing the dense metropolis of buildings with small patches of green dancing between. It was a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life, a turning point in my career and the beginning of my future as a photographer.

Start by @matthewstone

In Start, a group of heroic figures, constructed from gestural brushstrokes are moving at a pace that demands focus and stillness from the viewer. Our perception of this subtle dance is heightened by a slow and seismic pulse that shifts and warps the sense of perspective and space within the canvas. This is due to the use of a time-stretched version of the famous “Hitchcock Zoom” camera technique. It has been used to communicate a single life-altering shift in perception, showing that one has understood that “things will never be the same.” This combination of moving figures, and sliding perspective, suggests that images are portals. Portals that are awakening and edging us all deeper and deeper into parallel and limitless worlds. This NFT will be displayed as part of a solo exhibition by Matthew Stone titled “A Portrait of the Artist in the Metaverse” at The Hole Gallery in New York. It is displayed on a large scale LED screen next to a unique 1/1 printed linen canvas at exactly the same scale. The linen version is available to purchase separately. Contact the gallery for further details.

Ultraviolet Wave by @gmunk

In this second installment of the ‘Spectrum Series’ we explore the domain of HyperColor. Within the composition is an emergent cove of Oak Woodlands that are blanketed by the streaking fog, as the principles of time and space are blurred beneath this golden atmosphere. We observe the heartbeat of nature’s movement, rich with saturation, the vivid tones a celebration of a photographic technique and palette uniquely characteristic to this Invisible Spectrum of Light. (Full-Spectrum Photograph, Single Edition 1/1, 8192 x 5461, JPG. The collector will receive a signed 36” x 24” framed physical, printed on Canson Rag Photographique Duo fine art paper stock.)

THE SUNRISE by @nois7

„THE SUNRISE“ is the 1st piece in Nois7’s 7 piece collection titled „MIRRORS OF THE EARTH“. The series is about the deep connection with different times of a day and finding yourself in a place of inner peace. You are walking towards the endless horizon. In a place that only you can visit. The first daylight touches the earth and sun rays warm your skin. Each sunrise gives you a chance for new beginnings. May every new day bring you hope. This seamlessly looping art piece is accompanied with a custom designed sound track and was created in a landscape format, perfect to be displayed on a wall. Visuals & sounds created by Nois7. First collector will receive a download link to the full resolution video.

sarah[tonin] by @yugal

3D Render, 2160×2700, 300 DPI.

Everlasting by @driftershoots

The bridge was closely guarded by the osprey that lived on top of it, I made two failed attempts in the night and was attacked in my efforts to reach the top. I decided to make a third and final attempt before sunrise. I whispered a prayer to myself as I edged closer to the pinnacle and I watched as the eagles took off but this time not to attack me, rather to soar with me. I spent the morning taking in the most beautiful sunrise I ever saw and this piece of art was created as a result of persistence. I remember feeling as free as the eagles for the first time in a long time.

Theory Of Forms by @itsreuben

Theory of Forms is the most iconic and widely-acclaimed piece from my “Field Of Infinity” project, captured during a two week road trip from Chile to Bolivia, and the progenitor to my “Ex Stasis” series. A circle of light oscillates above the pristine Salar De Uyuni as night descends. The flickering neon glow casts dramatic shadows across the translucent lake bed, merging light and land in a way which enables new perspectives for the viewer while speaking to my own unique experience within it. This video piece is based on an original still image, looping perpetually in and out of existence, and narrates the story of an otherworldly but wholly possible version of reality. The series was shortlisted by the 2020 Sony World Photography Awards and the book of the project has since been acquired by the Guggenheim, the Met Museum, and the MoMA. This piece was captured with the Phase One XT IQ4 150mp field camera. 4000 x 3000 – Sound and visuals by artist.
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