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Today’s Top 10 comes to you from the keen eye of Arseny Vesnin. Founder of Designcollector Network (2003) and curator of the Digital Decade initiatives, exhibitions and online collaborations. Arseny is an interdisciplinary mediator guiding artists and communicating the future of art. Based in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Shades Of Beauty by Mohammadreza Rezania

“This series is inspired by the Baroque era. I always love combining colors with each other therefore I love this era. I would love to combine everything to create fantastic scenery with a Fine Art approach alongside passion and sense. In this series, I created looks with cheap cotton fabric and cotton fibers.”

Ethereum Warrior by Schoony

Shield Ethereum Edition: Protecting against the future for a new era.

CRAY by Antoni Tudisco

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

DS016 by Julio Smitter

MODEL_HF72 by trs.mnz

My works often portray ambiguous female figures, halfway between the human and the automaton. MODELs hold sensations, emotions, memories and suggestions. My research, very intimate and personal, comes to life through the creation and use of connected jewels, sinuous draperies and dresses that wrap and protect the figure, silently telling the secret.

Impossible love by Oleg Dou

Work From Reborn series. Digital

Not Everything Is Visible by @pandagunda

Target by Iness Rychlik

The Spectrum of Solace by GMUNK

Immersed in the unseen, the wind blows softly while the fog slowly creeps through the trees. In this Mount Tamalpais Valley, forms of foliage emerge and vanish in the heavy atmosphere, the dry grass undulating casually in the breeze. The camera is tuned to capture the wavelengths of light 590 nanometers and above, through the entire Infrared Spectrum, and reveals a phantom world that soothes the mind and placates the soul. A Quiet Place of Solace where this spectral light source is painting a picture – invisible until unearthed, instigating a process of discovery with every exposure.

A $Rare Type Of Bull by @pianoandthefox

And a month we’ll never forget

“A $rare type of bull” for Superrare. I created this piece to show my gratitude to this amazing platform. Thanks for being fair to your artists and collectors. I hope many companies follow your example to achieve a better, fairer art and design world !! I am hoping this piece will kick $rares bull run 🙂 “

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Arseny Vesnin (Twitter: @designercollector), founder of Designcollector Network (2003) and curator of the Digital Decade initiatives, exhibitions and online collaborations. Interdisciplinary mediator guiding artists and communicating the future of art. Based in St.Petersburg, Russia.

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