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Aqua Dream by @donglu

I never get tired of night dreaming in my lovely cyberpunk metropolis. I always love to grab a bite from those local food stands and watch those giant celestial creatures drifting across the sky. Their slow and smooth movements have this magic effect to calm down my mind, making me dream in a beautiful night scene composed of color and light.

I Wear The Sunset by @aylaelmoussa

Exploring the beauty of the bare desert and the female form. This piece depicts how the feminine stands on her own but in tandem is stronger when combined with the force of nature. Set in the stunning landscape of the Joshua Tree vortex, this series is a visual narrative of a resilient environment that sat under water for hundreds of millions of years until plate tectonics pushed it up into formation. This mind bending geological evolution is reinterpreted here as waves wash over the rocks. To Learn more about this collection: https://www.aylaelmoussanft.com/i-wear-the-sunset-1

The Paradox Of Time by @cathsimard

Blue diamonds dying in beauty. But beauty numbs the pain. As these ancestors melt, blue chambers appear. Here today, gone tomorrow. Hard ice to hard truth. Those who see, close their eyes. The final chapter of human excuses. Remember them when they are gone. Glaciers are the nameless and the forgotten. They carved their way through the mountains and valleys, long ago. Along with it, us the ephemeral passenger. Moments blurred in time to a nondescript end. Glacier lifespan mirrors human life. Only Earth will remember them when they are gone.

Octopus Boyz / Dreams by @brickspacer111

Oops They don’t look like cute toys / music – KOOST / Art by Brickspacer, created in 2021

Tarro by @archannair

A lifelong swan song of an oblong existence, Persistence through time. Dark crevices devine, Pollinated lines of connection. A resurrection of being, Believing impermanence. A transient trance of an imperfect dance, A glance is deceiving. Uncover the meaning, Of bodily bleeding. Narrow is our scope… Tarro, full of hope ~ carmacace

Where?Wolf by @untitledarmy

This piece is a 2000×2500 pixels image.

Turn Off the Lights by @fauves

We believe we can see so clearly in the light. There is no mystery. Let me see with my imagination, Turn Off the Lights. (Artwork includes a 1/1 handmade sculpture for original collector)

So what? by @miltonsanz

So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what? So what?

What’s it Like to Cycle on the Moon? by @marcsimonetti

Year 2077, a young man on his bike is day dreaming about cycling on the moon. This is a picture about our dreams, and the beauty of them. It’s about the evolution of our civilization and the way humanity stays the same, and the way little things are the most precious ones. This piece was made in 3D, rendered in octane and then painted over in photoshop and procreate. This artwork has been especially created and won’t be used anywhere else. 1/1 png 4000×6000 pixels Every Collector that will bid on this artwork will receive an exclusive fine art print on a museum quality paper 16.5 x 23.4 inch printed with a giclee printer. The fine art prints will be limited to the bidders. First Bidder will receive number 0, and the winning collector will have the number 1.

PUPPET by @cachou

No.00 “PUPPET” I long for freedom, but I can’t escape from here. My body can no longer withstand all this and is gradually destroyed over time.

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