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PERCEPTIONS// by @fvckrender

Identity Blooming

A Safe Place by @damnengine

A man-sized space in the back of my head.The dust of memories made a soft pillow for my fears.I was born here and here I shall die.Buried but whole. 6000x8000px

Captive Audience by @raoulmarks

A piece of digital art history. Here, caught in a permanent NFT loop, “The OG Astro” finds themselves stuck in the public eye. A rare single piece, exploring “The OG Astro’s” burgeoning place in the NFT landscape. Full high resolution, loopable video in portrait with original soundscape.

The Monsutābōru Colony by @hoodass

What was once used to keep creatures locked inside became the last bastion for their masters’ survival in a barren desert.

EVOL and Virgin by @kideight

Our Anti-Hero in a moment of spiritul intimacy, his journey to this point has been long. 2021 4320 x 5400

Stone Wound by @masanobuhiraoka

This artwork is the #04 of the Ignition Collection and is paired with a physical token: a unique display case. Curated by Motion Plus Design. For more info, click on the link below: https://www.motion-plus-design.com/nft/collection/0#4 | ARTWORK DESCRIPTION > Since the main theme was ignition, I tried to express the swell of energy at the moment of creation and the silence as it disappears. The animation coexists with the pleasantness of continuity through movement and the violence that can be cut off in an instant. | IGNITION COLLECTION > The first NFT Collection of Motion Design. 20 artists, 20 unique motion artworks, each paired with 1 unique Motion Plus Design display case. | THE PHYSICAL TOKEN > The first buyer will receive the Motion Plus Design display case (24x32x7,5 cm / 9,4×12,5×3 inches), entirely handmade in Paris (France) by local printers and craftsmen which makes it a unique piece. Inside, there is a unique vertical screen (13,5×21,5 cm / 5,3×8,4 inches) displaying the NFT in loop (no sound) that can be detached, hung on a wall or exposed thanks to an easel, a booklet presenting the artist and his artwork, a metallic laser engraved certificate of authenticity and a special surprise for the collector. | PHYSICAL TOKEN DELIVERY INFO > The first buyer should contact Motion Plus Design at [email protected] so they can launch the process to identify him/her as the real buyer. The delivery time of the case is usually 2/3 weeks from the moment Motion Plus Design got the buyer’s postal address or P.O Box (if the buyer wishes to remain anonymous). The case will be sent with a tracking number and shipment against signature. Packaging and worldwide delivery costs will be covered by Motion Plus Design. Please discover the Masanobu Hiraoka’s unique case (Serial number 2021IGN03478989273424) here: https://www.motion-plus-design.com/nft/collection/0#4

One Last Time by @driftershoots

It was my time to leave Houston, the city that brought me to both exploring and photography, but there was one last thing to accomplish. We had scouted this location for two years trying to learn the insides and outs of the building. After a seven hour endeavor, we finally reached the roof. After staying overnight, we were greeted with dream conditions in the morning, low fog had settled in over the city. We shot for a few hours and then made our way down forever richer inside. The artwork created from this day speaks to patience and perseverance and what can become when we truly never give up.

Gaia’s Dream by @alterlier

Not so long ago she was walking on the edges of the end of the world. To be a dream reader means you daydream all the time and it also means you sorrow about the green fields and flying experiences because you know they are not real…are they? Gaia dreamt about life, about rocks beside the water, about painters, about cats. And everytime the dreams were over she was back at creating the entirely opposite, because in her mind, life felt like an immensely huge void underwater.

The Swing by @von_wolfe

Unique artwork 1/1 by the contemporary artist, Wolfe von Lenkiewicz. Von Wolfe transforms the happy accidents of “The Swing” into rococo curling and twisting anemones. The famous painting has been reinterpreted as if the woman were an antediluvian sea creature amidst the kelp of the ocean. The twin head of the woman is encapsulated by a large crystal, while in the shadows lies a goat that mysteriously counterpoints the subject with a darker note. Von Wolfe attempts to retrodict art historical narratives, in particular, iconic works from the world’s most famous museums. European classical perspectives are presented as operands subject to change. Rendered in 3D on Cinema 4D, Arnold and ZBrush. Pixel size 4724 x 6037 px.

El Rey de la Vida by @cool3dworld

“El Rey de la Vida” is a work inspired by The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. The piece explores the life and death of a king, and the changes that occur in the world throughout his lifetime. By combining techniques of compositing and orthographic 3D cameras, the composition is able to display a large amount of detail in a flat fashion similar to the techniques of Bosch. The piece also has a sound component which reflects the actions and movements that take place all through the cycle. This is the first piece commissioned by ONKAOS to be exhibited in an art space and be part of Colección SOLO.

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