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Visitor by @manards

A painter visits his own painting in a museum

Golden Breath by @linecensor

Golden Breath In the midst of the chaos of the leap era Fast communication beyond imagination. The sensory mind is bound to change according to human perception. Thought enlightenment produces wisdom. Digital MP4(48.9MB) Length 00:00:24 Soung “Gratitude” Soundjewel

Neon Village by @seerlight

Neon village from the ninja village series. We see some ninjas enjoying ramen on a roof.

MOONLIGHT (Tribute to Beethoven) ∀ by @iammaskarade

[Enable audio🔊] – Visual and music produced, performed, and recorded by Maskarade (Brandon Bolmer) – Original music composed by Ludwig van Beethoven in 1801 // 40 sec @ 1080×1350 (24fps) // The 220 year old “Moonlight” sonata (Originally titled “Sonata quasi una Fantasia”), has always resonated with me, particularly the 1st movement (Adagio sostenuto). Over the last two centuries many have performed and recorded their own renditions in homage to the legendary genius – with this audiovisual, I pay tribute to the immortal Beethoven in my own way with a moment frozen in time, capturing both serenity and chaos – ethereal like the soft floating melodies, but heavy and powerful like the emotions this timeless masterpiece evokes.

BAD MANNERS by @planttdaddii

Self-preservation takes many forms, it’s okay if its messy.🌾 BAD MANNERS is a piece about the constant push and pull of life and how important it is to be kind to yourself when it’s the hardest.

Life by @vxn

Birth, Life & Death. The final leap. — Nacimiento, vida y muerte. El salto hacia el final. // It’s body is made of magma. If it doesn’t keep moving, its body will cool and harden. —— / 3240×4050 px. Digital Art / Cinema 4D Octane Render

26×2, 2 by @zomax

Number three and the last part of the famous 52Hz series leaves the questions: Is Dino Dickens a regular sized Dinosaur?

DUCCC by @jimmyedgar


We manifest from a different dream. by @giantswan

It is time to depart from this dream. As i wake up i still see it all through my eyelids, your care, tension and venom stir me. In this dream i am grappling with every cell. I want to be there, but these moments, these memories will have to do. This work was sculpted and created in Virtual Reality as a digital sculpture, i would invite any owner of this NFT to manifest this dream into the physical with me.

Departure by @blakekathryn

With every end, there is a new beginning. Departure studies the quiet retrospection between one’s own chapters. For a moment, wistful sentiments are preserved within the precious calm, embraced until the next passage starts anew.

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