NOXX: Surrealism meets hybridization

By CryptoMuzelle

For NOXX, surrealism, hybridization, and transfiguration executed with 3D surgical precision is his playground, where reality is twisted and manipulated into reflections of his inner world. An intense focus emanates from his works, anchored in an other-worldly retro-futuristic dimension. Based in Berlin, after moving on from his job in graphic design 3 years ago, he started his own company, and then became a freelancer in 2020. His first piece minted on SR, Punk is a reflection of the artist’s emotional landscape, weathering the circumstances and obstacles of 2020. Discussing Punk he states:

“Punk has these mixed feelings in it. The color palette is vibrant, refreshing, and full of life and energy. His minimalist facial features do not portray emotion. Only the teeth seem to make him smile, a little, but only below the surface. There is freedom but no time to relax. One step at a time. Back to work.”

Stemming from the classic artist’s struggle of finding and cultivating a state of creative flow, NOXX’s most recent work encapsulates the pulse of this illusive, yet attainable state. Flow is at once futuristic, with retro accents, chiseled and angular, yet offset by the fluidity of animation and rhythmic movement. There is tension and release as the crank lever turns. Commenting on how Flow was conceived and how this piece is an extension of himself as an artist, he says:

“I am fascinated by flow. And it seems like it has to find you working. The problem is that it fades away just as easily as it comes. So all I can do is create the environment and the habits that work for me to allow flow to kick in as often as possible. Flow is nothing new. We are all creative beings. It’s who we are as a species. We always strive and we have to keep this machine running. If you do not use it, you will never be able to experience flow.”

Regardless of the thematic diversity in his collected works, from grotesque lollipops encasing tentacles and wasps, to anatomically divergent beings, an underlying consistency defines his bold style of introspective execution and meticulous detailing. One of the stylistic elements of NOXX’s art is surreal anatomical figurative sculpting, generating inter-crossed and hybridized entities. There is a distinct fascination with mechanizing human muscular structures such as replacing the neck muscles with pistons in Punk. Anatomy is one of the core fundamentals for sculpting. I avoided it for quite some time because it intimidated me. Every time I work on a piece that requires a lot of anatomy I am in awe. It is dauntingly beautiful and I am mesmerized by its precision.”

Complementing the structured clarity characteristic of his style, is a subtle playfulness, adding nuanced complexity to his works. Punk has a slight toothy smile and in Flow, the rhythmic movement is smooth and relaxed, perfectly choreographed to the audio generated by sound designer, Subrift.

An understated elegance permeates his body of work infusing vibrancy without
over-saturation and sculptural detailing without excess.

His craft is perfected under a focused and immutable work ethic. Discussing how he achieves his intended outcome for a project, NOXX solves “as many problems as possible in the early stages. The cleanup usually takes the longest time and it would be a disaster investing all this time into something that does not work, so I test simple sculpting and models, composition, colors, materials, lighting and sometimes even animations with as little effort as possible and when it works I can commit to it.”

For NOXX, 3D is “the ultimate freedom.” This freedom imbues his aesthetic as he molds and sculpts each element with discernment and a hint of playfulness, balancing the composition. He creates what engages, stimulates, and seduces his creative mind. A project is not complete until he has challenged himself, testing the limits of his knowledge and skill by stepping out of his comfort zone to “learn something new.” This newness and innovation translates flawlessly into his works. NOXX’s art stands on its own, commanding the attention of the observer, with a uniquely distinctive style, defined by engineered and elegant execution.

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