June 17: SuperRare Clubhouse Showcases Innovative Female Creators

By Cryptokid901

Artists are defined by their work, not by their race or gender. So yes, the SuperRare-hosted Clubhouse on Thursday might exclusively feature women, but the emphasis is on their dynamic creativity and styles. 

SuperRare Presents Female Artists in Crypto (June 17 at 6 p.m. pacific time) will feature three standout female artists on the SuperRare platform: Curry Tian, Hola Lou and PRØHBTD. Blake Finucane (Pluto Digital Assets), who famously wrote one of the first academic papers ever published on crypto art, will moderate the discussion. 

THE IMITATION STONE 01-The Impurity of the Body, Curry Tian, 1 of 1

China-born, Los Angeles-based Curry Tian is a multi-hyphenate artist, designer, photographer and filmmaker who won a Student Academy Award. Past winners of the Student Oscar include Robert Zemeckis, Spike Lee and Pixar creative chief Pete Docter. 

“As a female storyteller, through my art, I’m always questioning and exploring the various definitions and expressions of true beauty,” says Tian, whose work thematically bridges the gap between eastern and western cultures. “I’m always seeking the meaning of true existence and in doing so, attempting to convey the concept of duality in my work, a duality that is particularly related to the many permutations one undergoes through his or her lifetimes.”

Canícula, Hola Lou, 1 of 1

México-born Luisa Salas, a.k.a. Hola Lou, is an artist and muralist with a fresh perspective on abstract minimalism. She’s worked with global brands like Apple, Nike, Spotify, Samsung and Complex and had her work showcased in exhibits around the world. 

“I’d like to think of myself as a pioneer of modern and minimal abstracts in the NFT environment,” says Hola Lou. “My style focuses on simplifying complex concepts to their most intense point and then fusing them with exotic, bold color combinations that make it almost impossible not to look at them twice.”

Out of Control Collection (Masterpiece), PRØHBTD, 1 of 1

PRØHBTD, currently on digital billboards across Tokyo and launching the Surreal Chaos Art Exhibit on Decentraland this week, creates surrealist works rich in symbolism and meaning, including this piece on the gender wage gap that was recently sold on SuperRare. Iran-born Delaram represents PRØHBTD in the Clubhouse discussion. 

“Tagging blocks on the chain,” explains PRØHBTD. “That’s a nod to the original street artists who took risks to put something out into the public. Sometimes the art is about facing issues like inequality and injustice, other times it’s about finding different forms of escape, but it’s important to always try to have something to say.”

Learn more about these artists during the SuperRare Clubhouse discussion on Thursday and by following them on social media: Hola Lou (IG, Twitter), Curry Tian (IG, Twitter) and PRØHBTD (IG, Twitter). Follow me on Twitter @cryptokid901.

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