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H.R Giger by @kimgryun

Hans Ruedi Giger was part of the special effects team that won an Academy Award for the visual design of Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi horror film Alien. As a huge fan of Alien movies, I’ve always thought about creating my version of one and decided to create an homage to the sequence in 2018. Rather than imitating his work, I described my feeling when I saw the alien move. especially I put an effort into the contrast between Natural and Artificial that are like the origin of his ideas.

HORSE by @bo_vk

A horse made of humans

Sea of Souls by @noahkocher

We are one.

Parking Lot by @nikitadiakur

Parking Lot Triptych. Simulated motors + hydraulics + marionettes. Sound: Nicolas Martigne. Part of the Ugly project.

The Exquisite One by @newcolossal

Oracle of the computer generated avatar.

Shape Study 06 by @dirk_koy

This work belong to the «Shape Studies» series in which photographs and video recordings of places, objects and living beings are digitally modified. In this series I am interested in exploring a shape and working out different ways it can be represented and perceived. The name of the cat is «Sina». Loop: 6s / 2000 x 2000 pixels

Shine by @archannair

Some visions are channeled through animal spirits, and Shine has been a manifestation for me through the tiger spirit. When i started reading about the messages they convey during these energitic channeling, what fascinated me the most in looking at the shadow and light attributes of the tiger is that the tiger can represent both sides. He can slice through doubt with conviction or degrade conviction with doubt. Our struggles with doubt are intense, challenging and shattering. There is nothing soft and cuddly about what doubt can do to our own wellbeing and what we must do to doubt. We must be fierce in taking down indecision and hesitation. Like the tattered fabric that tiger’s coat imitates, tiger spirit animal will tear our illusions to shreds allowing us to see the fault in our ways and find the conviction to move ahead.

Look Both Ways by @scottcarr

A collaboration between Maxwellinked and Nate Hill

Wonderland by @caramuru

In my universe, I draw what I see in my sketchbook, as a curious spectator. Because it is a unique environment, inspired by masters like Hayao Miyazaki and Moebius, I am always afraid to bring something new. In this drawing I got inspired by Alice In Wonderland. I soon turned the corner, between a flying loft mushroom and a succulent leaf-heart, and came across a flock of Chiriro birds, where a traveling frog played a banjo. King-cat slept carefree while the fairy accompanied him in the world of dreams, as they will need to visit yesterday to resolve a future. Baby plant children jump through the leaves, playing pranks on unsuspecting smileys. With each fertile idea a bubble-bud rises in the air, painting the atmosphere of iridescent butterflies. This art has my signature. Dimensions: 7016 × 8830 pixels, 600 dpi

Space In The Mid-Century by @rivenribbon

From “Space.”

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