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Under The Skin by @pandagunda

Under the skin there is Flesh, bones, and words. Unspoken feelings and a memory of you eating an apple while staring at your nails // Pandagunda , 2015

Rescatarse by @lucas_aguirre

“Rescatarse” digital edition 16869×10000 px

VOSTOK by @melnukoff

NOMANKIND by @mehdi4d

NOMANKIND is a short film that represents the vision of a machine-dominated society in a near future where humanity is on the verge of extinction due to its own self-destructive nature. In 2080, the world is paying for the mistakes of the past: pollution, overpopulation, viruses, war, and inequality have shaped a cold and sinister world. A secretive organisation then decided to create an artificial intelligence named Alpha, made to help and guide humanity and make human civilization evolve towards the future and towards peace and a better tomorrow. Alpha understood that human beings remain the source of all existing problems and thus decided to make it evolve and change its nature. How far is the creation designed to help humanity willing to go to create the perfect utopia ? //This film is a part of the Pause fest event //The uncompressed 4k master will be provided to the collector with High definition posters files ready for printing, A link where you can see the very first version of nomankind with unpublish frames which is really different from the final film and finaly A chat between me and the collector where you can ask me all the questions you want about the project (the meanings, the research, the production) and I will also explain what will be the futur plans related to this project

AI Renaissance Painting #1 by @wallypdf

EDITION 1/10 of the AI Renaissance series. A reinterpretation of 14th to 16th-century art using G eneral Adversarial Networks (GAN). The model was trained on a collection of Renaissance paintings.

Rare Moments of Beauty – Free by @pawelnolbert

What’s the value of beauty today? • Various aspects of beauty expressed as individual brushstrokes – elusive moments of beauty, suspended in time and space. Renaissance-inspired brushstroke artwork from 2018-2019, when I photographed clouds in New York and Italy, and painted in those places using my trademark technique. ~ RMOB examines the value and meaning of beauty today, as the standards of beauty change over the years, but the classical understanding of beauty remaining universal and timeless, regardless of trends. Beauty, as the original purpose of art, adds the spiritual layer that transcends time and momentarily lifts us to a higher space, from the mundane everyday reality. Acrylic painting / digital.⠀

Entrapment by @vacades

‘Entrapment’ is a classic piece from the photographer Tanapol Kaewpring. It was his first breakthrough in 2010 and Tanapol’s first piece which was showcased outside of Thailand. Online and around the world it was popularized through Instagram and Pinterest, where it gathered a community around the elemental contrast pictured in the artwork. 2021 visual artist Timo Helgert picked up the artwork, in honor of Tanapol Kaewpring and created a digital 3D recreation of it, to bring motion and life to the original photograph. He is known for his experimental workflow, especially with brands such as Burberry, Maserati, or Valentino. Through photo scanning, he recreated the artwork in 3D and used simulation techniques to bring it to life. Now in collaboration with Somewhere Magazine, both artists partner up to release this classic piece as their first NFT on Superrare and create a unique collaboration between Photography and 3D simulation. – – – Brought to you by Somewhere Magazine. Somewhere is a digital media founded in 2014. Mostly known for its Instagram presence, the page has become over the past few years one of the leading account for visual arts, photography, design, etc. The account somewhere magazine has 1,1 Million followers and has been sharing more than 16 000 artworks in the past seven years. It is one of the most influential platform for creative people, the tag #somewheremagazine has been used more than 7 million times. Nature has always been a big part of Somewhere’s identity, one of Somewhere’s mission is to inspire people to be creative and reconnect with the outdoors. Somewhere has been a big support of Vacades and Tanapol Kaewpring respective work’s. “Entrapment“ by its aesthetic and message is at the intersection of everything that somewhere stands for and it was a piece of evidence for Somewhere to be involved as a presenter for this first NFT collaborative drop.

The Fatling by @davidlisser

‘The Fatling’ is a fragment of documentary video that initiated our entire investigation. Hidden deep in the central archives, it had been mislabelled – whether with intent to conceal, or by accident we are not sure, but this categorisation certainly saved it from the systemic destruction that befell so much evidence at the turn of the century. The Fatling is likely to be one of Cockaigne’s clandestine experiments, as we know of no other secretive Carnery capable of producing meat on this scale. Since sharing this video, we have been approached by anonymous benefactors who claim to have possession of the other artefacts present in this scene. We will of course keep you updated as our investigations progress. Sound was captured By SigilAudio

BEHIND by @marctudisco

//.BEHIND 1/1 EDITION by Marc Tudisco

think of the body as ash spilling an orbital road by @rainbowsgravity

I remember how your hand touched my hand and my sadness left. I remember the sky being so blue it turned the bird blue and leaked into me. I remember hitting that bird with my car and pulling over and crying because birds with one wing can still fly. I remember too much 4-Acetoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine lead to radical vulnerability leading to nose bleeds on the J train leading to laying on the grass shouting “ I am here i am still here motherfuckers”. I remember the world ended and started again and nobody noticed. I remember having nothing to fear then remembering whiteness. I remember the way your hair smells like spring and how that rested me. I remember rolling down that hill crushing all the orchids. I remember the soft wind kissing my cheek. I remember the death of the empire came and nobody noticed. I remember shoplifting from that trendy downtown store and getting caught but laughing cuz u should steal from white people. I remember yellow flowers opening portals to that elysia crampton song about the waterfalls. I remember the bird wing I carried around in my pocket for weeks until we buried it in my mother’s backyard. I remember the world trying to kill me and shining like a drop of sun. I remember daybreak and the collapse and that sacred air. I remember that time you shit yourself in my living room and we laughed cuz god is good and fuck the haters. I remember merging my body with the sky then nothing at all but the sky and the world standing still and the flowering trees kissing each other slow and the birds and nothing but us in the world being trapped with each other in the world.
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