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Timo Helgert

Timo Helgert is a german artist, best known for his viral virtual installations. Timo is known for creating inspiring, escapist art through the use of new digital techniques, augmented reality, and 3D design. His aim is to create hope and peace in a busy world. Timo’s work has been featured by Forbes, ELLE Magazine, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Facebook, and more.

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‘Entrapment’ is a classic piece from the photographer Tanapol Kaewpring. It was his first breakthrough in 2010 and Tanapol’s first piece which was showcased outside of Thailand. Online and around the world it was popularized through Instagram and Pinterest, where it gathered a community around the elemental contrast pictured in the artwork. 2021 visual artist Timo Helgert picked up the artwork, in honor of Tanapol Kaewpring and created a digital 3D recreation of it, to bring motion and life to the original photograph. He is known for his experimental workflow, especially with brands such as Burberry, Maserati, or Valentino. Through photo scanning, he recreated the artwork in 3D and used simulation techniques to bring it to life. Now in collaboration with Somewhere Magazine, both artists partner up to release this classic piece as their first NFT on Superrare and create a unique collaboration between Photography and 3D simulation. – – – Brought to you by Somewhere Magazine. Somewhere is a digital media founded in 2014. Mostly known for its Instagram presence, the page has become over the past few years one of the leading account for visual arts, photography, design, etc. The account somewhere magazine has 1,1 Million followers and has been sharing more than 16 000 artworks in the past seven years. It is one of the most influential platform for creative people, the tag #somewheremagazine has been used more than 7 million times. Nature has always been a big part of Somewhere’s identity, one of Somewhere’s mission is to inspire people to be creative and reconnect with the outdoors. Somewhere has been a big support of Vacades and Tanapol Kaewpring respective work’s. “Entrapment“ by its aesthetic and message is at the intersection of everything that somewhere stands for and it was a piece of evidence for Somewhere to be involved as a presenter for this first NFT collaborative drop.

Cj Hendry

New York
I draw things and build exhibitions

Copyright Infringement
Edition 1 of 1

This artwork was made in 2019. After it was released we received a cease and desist from the photographer citing “Copyright Infringement”. We were told to destroy the artwork. Its extraordinary that a piece can take hundreds of hours to make and seconds to eliminate it from existence.


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This image was rendered by Alexander Mordvintsev on 18 May 2021, the 6th anniversary of the DeepDream creation. The starting image and the neural network match those that were used for the creation of the first DeepDream images. The code that drives the generation process is itself an artistic experiment. It’s called “deepdream.c” and is built using the set of technologies that were already available more than 30 years ago, but still widely and actively used today at the basis of our software infrastructure. The code relies on C89 standard and the minimal set of language library features. It’s designed to be as self-contained and easy to build as the “Hello, World!” program. The artist hopes that this kind of software would be possible to build and run long after his physical death.

Ghosts in the Carnery

Lab-grown meat 1810-2060. exhibition of futurepast
Ghosts in the Carnery brings together art and artefacts from 250 years of cultured-meat history and uncovers a story of decentralisation and connections hitherto untold. From its esoteric beginnings in the early 1800s, through systemic repression in late C20th to recent developments in the 2050’s, this exhibition reveals the images and objects left behind by this most remarkable of industries.

The Fatling
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‘The Fatling’ is a fragment of documentary video that initiated our entire investigation. Hidden deep in the central archives, it had been mislabelled – whether with intent to conceal, or by accident we are not sure, but this categorisation certainly saved it from the systemic destruction that befell so much evidence at the turn of the century. The Fatling is likely to be one of Cockaigne’s clandestine experiments, as we know of no other secretive Carnery capable of producing meat on this scale. Since sharing this video, we have been approached by anonymous benefactors who claim to have possession of the other artefacts present in this scene. We will of course keep you updated as our investigations progress. Sound was captured By SigilAudio

Cath Simard
Cath Simard is a Canadian-born photographer, digital artist and SONY Alpha ambassador with an instantly recognizable style that meticulously blends reality with her own imagination. Her work has been shared millions of times on social media & some of her clients include SONY, DJI & Emirates Airline. Today, Cath leads workshops in places like Patagonia, Peru, Iceland & the Canadian Rockies. She wishes to inspire others to break out of their comfort zone & explore a world of endless possibilities.

Edition 1 of 1

EURÊKA is part of Cath Simard’s genesis NFT collection “Lumière du Noir” – A metaphor for being stuck in a very dark place, a place of comfort and apathy, but finally discovering the possibilities of the world outside of your comfort zone, a world of light and possibilities. This image represents a creative breakthrough, a moment in time where the pieces came together and then suddenly “Eurêka”. On my last trip to Iceland, I spent two weeks exploring this location called Stokksnes, a popular spot for photographers and a difficult place to find a unique composition. I became obsessed with composing this scene in a completely original way that hasn’t been done before. My obsession started with a small cave I found during low tide; a cave so small it could only fit my camera. Using a wide-angle lens, I spent a few hours capturing a panorama, moving the camera a few millimetre at a time on each shot. Then, over the next two weeks, the obsession grew and the nights shortened. I returned one morning during blue hour and captured the shore leading to the mountains. At this point, a sketch of the composition began to form in my mind, but still blurry and immature. A few days went on, exploring the area trying to find the last piece of my puzzle but without success. I felt creatively drained, but the obsession remained. On my last night, I was welcomed by Lady Aurora, arriving in yellow and green, ready to share her dance above the same scene. It was, undoubtedly, my greatest “Eurêka!” moment; this was the last piece to complete my puzzle. My final composition blends these three unique moments into an image somewhere between my dreams and reality, an image that turned the impossible into possible. – The first collector will receive an 8X10 HD sublimated metal print, framed, signed with a certificate of authenticity.

Lip Comarella

Los Angeles
Apple Design Award Winner Art Director at Netflix Animation Italian born visual artist and director based in Los Angeles. Obsessive Google Street View traveler Sauna evangelist. Striving to be kind.

GWEI Station
Edition 1 of 1

The Metaverse. Don’t be scared, go explore, be surprised. – Software 2D: Adobe Photoshop / After Effects / TV Paint HD 29s 10f


digital artist | afro goddess

foresight in queue
Edition 1 of 1

u saw it here first

Bumpy Junkie

A trailer park
I’m a bumpy junkie. An ugly one. I can dance tho.

Dear Lord
Edition 1 of 1

An innocent, god-fearing bumpy child poses for his First Communion portrait. He don’t really know what’s going on but he heard the gifts are awesome.

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Barron’s Centennial Cover
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The edition celebrates the past and imagines the future in business, science and investing.

nicola caredda

painter artist

Edition 1 of 1

NFT IS DEAD” born like as a painting, it’s an ironic critique of the happy moment in which NFT are having great resonance, especially economic. As often happens in art, money turns the light on it and the quality of the work does not matter.Those who push this situation define it as the “Year Zero” of the new world of art; those who oppose, speak of it as if it were the usual speculative bubble: the fact is that NFTs at this moment have everyone’s eyes on them. This phenomenon starts the classic “gold rush” by many artists, with the hope of monetizing and achieving fame, which then translate into “poolside pussy and luxury cars” ..and how to blame him?!The most skeptical of them, are preparing to fight against the newcomers, training against the various recently enriched colleagues and against the collectors, (improvised or not) in search of easy and magical fruitful investments. The game however, bases its foundations in a solid but precarious system that could implode at any moment.All this makes me think back to the many times in which has been said “painting is dead” for example, with the arrival of photography, or poor art, or video art. I am sure there is nothing to fear.”NFT IS DEAD” wants to mimic the most famous “punk is dead” that we find in the thoughts of those who gave punk for dead from the beginning, but also in the thoughts of those who instead gave it up for dead once it went out of fashion. At the same time, even the real punk shouts that punk is dead, and this makes it even more punk!


Atlanta, GA USA
Creatively unfulfilled with his advertising career, Stephen took to Instagram for a more rewarding creative outlet. There he developed a technique called #combophoto (combining two images to work as one). Over time he got requests to develop work for brands, which enabled him to exit advertising and focus on creating content. He has been contracted to develop work for Instagram, Apple, PayPal, etc. Stephen’s work has been featured on CNN, Wired, Fast Company, as well as several art publications.

cucumber FTW
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Cucumbers are 96.73% water. Drink up!

Carlos Peixoto

Rio de Janeiro

Edition 1 of 1

I made this drawing after my daughter has born. I draw this thinking about my life and what I want for me and my child. The chariot resembles the tarot card. I want my life to go forward, taming my dragons. The cornucopia and money represent abundance. On the top, you can see some symbols, like Athenas, Apollo, a zen painting, books, etc. All of them are things, archetypes, and hobbies that I want in my life. At the bottom, a Pan flirting with a woman. I still want some chaos, flirting and wine too 😉 Size: 6000 px x 6000 px Format: Png

Jonas Leriche

Leriche consciously seeks out the juxtaposition between what is artificial and what is authentic, rendering artworks that encourage the viewer to identify this duality. The driving force behind Leriche’s work is his desire to inject raw, natural elements into a flawless, cultivated image in order to challenge those viewers who are unaccustomed to scratching any deeper than the surface.

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The day that humans will become superhuman seems far away, but biological and physical enhancements are already a part of our technological landscape “Cyborgification is simply the process of compensating technologically for the inherent limitations of natural man.” Exploring the relationship between natural and artificial is a fitting progression for my conceptual style.


Bucharest, Romania
Andrei Ujică (1951, Romania) studied literature in Timisoara, Bucharest and Heidelberg. He’s been publishing prose, poetry and essays since 1968. His films include a trilogy dedicated to the end of communism: Videograms of a Revolution (1992), co-directed with Harun Farocki, on the relationship between power and media in Europe at the end of the Cold War, Out of the Present (1995), about the last Soviet cosmonaut, Sergei Krikalev, and The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu (2010).

25 Pieces of Space Time #25
Edition 1 of 1

Sergei Krikalev spent 10 months on the space station MIR, while on Earth the Soviet Union collapsed. He was the last Soviet cosmonaut. In my film “Out of the Present”, I reconstituted this historical mission from footage shot by the cosmonauts on video: from its start on May 18, 1991 in the USSR, until the return to Earth on March 26, 1992 in the newly reformed Russia. The prologue and the epilogue were filmed with a camera that I sent aboard the MIR station: a classical Arri 35mm. They are the first and, as of yet, the only cinematographic sequences filmed in space. This anniversary artwork consists of the 25 photograms which make up the first second when a movie camera opened its eyes in outer space. These “25 Pieces of Space Time” are offered one by one as NFTs in a countdown starting May 18, 2021. The images are taken from the digital master of the film, corresponding to the DigiBeta standard from 1995. The Director of Photography was Vadim Yusov, who also shot Tarkovsky’s “Solaris”.

Mehdi Hadi

Paris, France
Director And Concept Artist

Edition 1 of 1

NOMANKIND is a short film that represents the vision of a machine-dominated society in a near future where humanity is on the verge of extinction due to its own self-destructive nature. In 2080, the world is paying for the mistakes of the past: pollution, overpopulation, viruses, war, and inequality have shaped a cold and sinister world. A secretive organisation then decided to create an artificial intelligence named Alpha, made to help and guide humanity and make human civilization evolve towards the future and towards peace and a better tomorrow. Alpha understood that human beings remain the source of all existing problems and thus decided to make it evolve and change its nature. How far is the creation designed to help humanity willing to go to create the perfect utopia ? //This film is a part of the Pause fest event //The uncompressed 4k master will be provided to the collector with High definition posters files ready for printing, A link where you can see the very first version of nomankind with unpublish frames which is really different from the final film and finaly A chat between me and the collector where you can ask me all the questions you want about the project (the meanings, the research, the production) and I will also explain what will be the futur plans related to this project

Phil Radford

A Maya artist of 18 years with a career at BBC then set up my own vfx company. Experimental & dark, I draw from past experience. I create images and animation from my over active imagination that are often uncomfortable to view thus provoking a strong emotion. I use black and white tones in my work allot as I feel it conveys grit and drama. Each piece sits with me mentally for days, I live it, I explore it and when finished I feel a weight has been lifted. Expelling thoughts into pixels.

The Struggle
Edition 1 of 1

Everyone has a mental struggle of some sort at some point in their lives. It can be difficult to pick yourself up, the feeling of a great weight burdening your very soul. We try to fight, pushing back against these feelings, pushing forward, lifting ourselves up day after day. For many the burden is too much and they collapse under the pressure, for some the pain becomes less and they can once again stand tall. This image shows the burden, but the interpretation can be seen as positive or negative. The figure is getting up or falling down. As with all of my work this was made using Maya and an experimental simulation technique in Bifrost for Maya. I played with camera angles for the longest time but in the end this just felt right and I like the overall shape and composition of the shot. I used Black and White for dram and grit.

Boris Pelcer

Portland, Oregon. USA
Visual artist who creates his work as a way to explore the intangible complexities of human emotions, thoughts, ideas and behaviors. It is all an effort to better understand his human experience.

Edition 1 of 1

When I really take the time to absorb the full extent of existing as a self aware, mortal human being, on a planet that’s hurling through space, I find that there is something so seemingly absurd about it all. It seems like our self awareness of our inevitable mortality is what makes each movement feel so special. And while on this journey of self discovery throughout our lives, we slowly became aware of the fact that everything we consume used to be alive at some point. It can feel so painful to contemplate that my mere existence requires perishing of flora and fauna for my own survival. In my journey of becoming a compassionate and a kind human being, that fact of needing to consume other living matter feels like an intense contradiction. If I really absorb it all, there is an element of it that feels very bleak, strange and just outright absurd. In philosophy, “the Absurd” refers to the conflict between the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life, and the human inability to find any clear meaning in a chaotic and irrational universe. I often come to the conclusion that life’s meaning is whatever meaning I choose to give it, in this chaotic and irrational universe. • Absurdism. Acrylic & Digital. 6 x 8 in.


Beverly Hills×0010
Art and techno; depression and ecstasy; the sacred and the profane. What may seem like oppositional binaries coalesce in the multivalent practice of 0010×0010. His name, however, is pure binary code: 0010×0010 means ‘two – two,’ in reference to the artist’s February 2nd birthday. He was born in Helmond—the literal translation is ‘hell mouth—in Noord Brabant, The Netherlands, the same Southern region as Vincent Van Gogh, and perhaps a place that produces a certain malevolent energy.

Glitch Bunny
Edition 1 of 1

A dark twisted mind captivated inside a cute bunny rabbit’s head. The brain reacts to the “short circuit” sound pulses. I get this myself sometimes during anxiety attacks. Glitch Bunny debuted in 2018 at my COLLIXION 中 exhibition in Hong Kong and was last seen at my 2019 MØDVLXXR exhibition at MOCA Bangkok. For the Audio I purposely connected cables and wires to equipment the wrong way and recorded those sounds to get a “short circuit” vibe. 14 Seconds 1920×1080 HD audio reactive video in MP4 format.

Jerry Liu
Jerry Liu is a US based director, designer/illustrator, and animator specializing in motion graphics for television, film, commercials, video games, music videos, digital content, and interactive media. Over the past 15+ years Jerry’s work has been recognized and screened by The Art Director’s Club, won BDA Awards, and has been featured by notable entertainment, pop culture, and art & design publications such as Kotaku, Gizmodo, Hypebeast, Motionographer, and Cartoon Brew.

Kibatsu Night Market – Fukashi’s Fugu
Edition 1 of 1

Welcome to the Kibatsu Night Market, one of Megacity Kibatsu’s five main districts, and home to Fukashi’s Fugu. Owner Fukashi Futakami offers only the finest and freshest fugu. Seamless visual & audio looping animation. Visuals by Jerry Liu (SloppyJ44). Audio by Mike Genato (RVRSPLAY).


New York, NY
Priscila De Carvalho is a New York-based multimedia artist. Her visual narratives range from urban environments to social, economic, and political content. The artist exhibited at Basque Museum of Contemporary Art, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, El Museo Del Barrio, Socrates Sculpture Park. Her work is in permanent collections of The Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program, NYC Department of Education, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, among others.

Harajuku 6PM
Edition 1 of 1

RESERVE PRICE “Harajuku 6 PM” depicts a glimpse of the old residential neighborhood I lived in during my time in Tokyo, Japan. This piece explores concepts of past and present, showing a place that was once intimately familiar but is now viewed only in passing through the opened doors of the quiet subway. Gently-falling petals and the flashing neon signs on the street are reminders that time goes on even after we leave the place we called home, capturing a fleeting moment when the memory of a distant past and dreams collide.

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