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Weekly Top 10 Picks by xibbit (@_xibbit_)

Snowy winter night by @witolszewski

Have you ever held a glass snowball and imagined what a life inside that particular mini world would feel like? Driving that little car and listening to Christmas songs softly coming from the radio or waiting for a bus and looking at the snowflakes lazily falling on the ground?

‘Luminescence’ in motion… by @tomeriksmithart

Animated edition of @tomeriksmithart’s painting ‘Luminescence’. “Strange to say, the luminous world is the invisible world; the luminous world is that which we do not see. Our eyes of flesh see only night.” ~ Victor Hugo.

Mångata by @daniella_doodle

Mångata – a Swedish word which describes how the reflection of the moon creates a path on the water.

RE:birth by @jasonseife

From the artist: “Inspired by the ancient meaning of birds in carpet imagery, which are said to be representative of fertility and new life. I chose to model and animate the birds evolving from 2d to 3d and wandering above and beyond the painting.”

Adagio by @pajaritaflora-digital

Cool. Slow. An at ease rhythm. — We’re working to elegantly mix traditional painting with digital animation. Exploring what natural processes and movement can be aided with software and code. The paint strokes are captured first with photography and then extracted, recombined, and looped digitally. A collaboration between MaryAnn Ead (painter) and Keegan Ead (animator).

Haven by @moteh

This is a safe place.

Botanica by @petertarka

02/03 of the artist’s Ugly Plants Collection Made with Cinema 4D, X-Particles and rendered in Octane. 2500x3125px Single Edition

Spheriform Harmonics by @gmunk

1760 Hz 4th Partial • 3rd Overtone
Remodeled • 8th Harmonic Etude •

Beaming by @lethabo

From the artist: “Sunday afternoon and a ray of hope, I remember to cherish the day.”

ZEBREO by @ronnaldong

Is this how lions see zebras? From the Hybrid Series.
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