200 hours in research and 4000 hours in design and development to create a single fine art piece

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SuperRare welcomes Automobilist, a European collective passionate about re-creating moments from modern and historic motorsport, developing artworks in officially licensed partnerships with Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Maserati, Porsche; along with motorsport brands Formula 1, World Rally Championship, ACO 24h Le Mans; and has created key moments’ artworks featuring Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Jody Scheckter, David Coulthard, Sir Jackie Stewart to name only a few.

Through a complex process of 3D modelling and CGI imagery, all cars are re-created in 3D, modern ones through the availability of blueprints and older ones often through a myriad of images and spoken/written records – spare 4 minutes to watch their ‘Silver Arrows’ reel, it’s guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

For their genesis NFT,  we explore why Automobilist has chosen ‘A Swede swerves through Sicilians’, featuring the highly sought after classic Ferrari 250 GTO competing in the 1964 edition of Targa Florio.

The Fine Art came together through a 5-stage design and development process which typically begins with researching the moment to be depicted. In choosing the specific Ferrari 250 GTO, the pale blue with a yellow stripe edition, atypical of the Ferrari paint scheme, but reflecting Swedish racer Ulf Norinder’s national colours was the chosen car. Navigating through hundreds of hours of research and the Targa Florio of 1964, a moment was identified to be re-created – when Ulf drove the Ferrari through the narrow streets of Sicily, with locals watching on dangerously close to the scene of action.

Whilst one set of 3D developers began work on modelling the car down to every nut, bolt and final coat of paint, the creative team then packed their bags and headed to Sicily for an extensive shoot of the location to perfectly capture the architecture and the season. Back at the studios, a 70-member cast and crew underwent an extensive photoshoot indoors, the greatest challenge being creating the right summer light and heat in an indoor setting. 

A 72-hour auction will take place starting at 13:00PST (or 22:00 CEST) on Friday, 7th May – the first of 6 confirmed NFT releases via SuperRare. Automobilist is all set to enter the metaverse, offering unprecedented utility to their collectors. Stay tuned!

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