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We like to make surrealistic, organic and abstract forms with real textures. We create an experimental language to translate the message in a unique and special way. Working for LOEWE, Delvaux, Nike, Sony, Oneplus…

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In many countries, violence is used to impose ideals, religions or politics over the freedoms of individuals. This film it seeks to assert that violence should not ever be imposed on the rights and education of people. Freedom is our most valuable asset and is our best weapon.


Schoony’s background is rooted in special effects and prosthetics for the film industry. His career spans over 30 years. Since the age of fifteen he has worked on over a hundred films. His work and reputation for high quality and pioneering techniques has reached far corners of the world. Schoony uses new up to date technology alongside the more traditional methods in his art pieces. He continually pushes boundaries within this discipline.

Where The War Things Are
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Where The War Things Are is a variation of the Boy Soldier which has been a motif that has stuck with my work through the years. I thought I would celebrate my first drop on SuperRare by recreating the piece in the digital art world.


~ mom said I’m special ~

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Are you fearful? Have you ever taken a closer look at your anxiety? What does your fear look like? Well, here you can see an image of mine. Scary and pretty confusing, huh? It looks like a disturbing mask with its focus always at what is supposedly essential, paralyzing and covering everything up, what is supposed to be me. Doesn’t it even look as if one hand of the fear wants to hide this peaceful sky with the coat while the other hand pats me on the shoulder encouraging me that it’s the right decision to hide what’s on the inside? Saying: “Don’t go there. It’s safer to stay. It could hurt you.” Our relationship is a bit complicated. If I’m being honest, most of the time I want it to eff off. Even if I’ve never wanted to meet my fear voluntarily, it asks me every day if we want to have a cup of tea together. The more I uninvite it, the more regularly it knocks on my door. Lately I’ve been giving up more and more often. I was tired of the knocking background noises and we eventually started to spend time together. Even if it is often annoying, we are slowly starting to get to know each other a little better. During our tea sessions it’s telling me proudly: “Hey man, do you remember when you were a child, when I told you to be afraid of fire and not to touch it?” – Boring stories like that. But it also has its ways to invite me to have a closer look. Sometimes hanging around with my fear is so painful that it also makes me automatically reflect on my life. What if fear is just a symptom pointing at the cause? Telling you to take care of yourself. It can disturb the communication with yourself but with another point of view it could also be a guide. Sometimes even something magical happens and the fear makes me pick up the pen to create works like this one. Is it true that if I get to know why the fear wants to stay with me, we can even become friends? Well… let’s not be hasty. So thinking about the hand of the fear on the coat … does it really want to hide something? Or is it about to uncover something? I think that depends on your own perspective


Alphachanneling’s art uniquely confronts cultural taboo by celebrating sexuality in a holistic exaltation of the carnal and spiritual. With an enthusiastic audience of 1.4 M followers on social media, the underground artist manages to be both elusive and massively present at the same time. Published by Playboy, reviewed by art critic Jerry Saltz, featured in Vogue Magazine’s Top Creative Influencers. The artwork has achieved international resonance through media and gallery exhibitions.

Love’s Revelation
Edition 1 of 1

LOVE’S REVELATION, Genesis NFT by Alphachanneling, created 2021, 56 second loop
with original sound recording by the artist • 4k video file available upon request- “The
creative pulse of the universe flows towards pleasure and joy; receive it with gratitude, let it
illuminate your soul!”

Maxim Zhestkov

Maxim Zhestkov is an artist who uses digital tools to examine the principles that form our environments, societies, and universes — physical or digital. Converging visuals, sound, and architecture, the artist constructs total works of art that transcend the traditional importance of museums and galleries as places for the perception of art.

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Maxim Zhestkov’s project Layers explores the relationship between external simplicity and internal complexity. Featured in the film are seemingly impenetrable digital sculptures that gradually reveal their true nature, affected by invisible forces from the outside. Stiff
and distant at first sight, monuments turn out to be vivid and vibrant on the inside. Cutting through the monuments, the artist reveals complex geometrical shapes on the intersections and connections of different forms. Reacting to external impulses and uncovering their essence, simple blocks transform into portals to other dimensions, expanding the boundaries of our three-dimensional world. This is the artist’s first NFT. The collector will receive the full film in 4K resolution and a set of high-res images.


Sacramento, CA
Garibaldi is a performance painting artist creating life-size paintings in under 10 minutes. He’s performed at the NBA Finals, the White House for president Obama, the Olympics in Brazil, opened for KISS on their recent world tour, a finalist on America’s Got Talent, and created a series of music videos for JUICE WRLD’s posthumous album. Garibaldi was also honored at the Kennedy Center for his charitable contributions crossing over $6,000,000.00 in auction proceeds raised from his paintings.

Theory of Imagination
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For the past 18 years I’ve focused on performing portraits live all while making the process entertaining and a high quality finished product. I’ve always wondered what it would look like if we dived into the mind of these icons. I started developing my newest collection “Out of Mind” in early 2021, and this Einstein inspired image was one of the first. It was experimental, but also intentional about where I wanted to go. This painting spurred on a collection of now over 20 plus images in this style. The title “Theory of Imagination” is
about showing that Einstein was not just a numbers guy. He had a deep and colorful imagination to think beyond reality, space, and time.


All around the world!
JOYx is a special project presenting collaborative works between JOY and artist friends ✨

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JOY took a trip through DABSMYLA’s secret garden and nothing was ever quite the same. The sun dripped with a melting smile over the hills and valleys, plants popped into consciousness, oozing gooey flowers grinned with JOYful delight, daisies became daisy chains, and slowly every one and everything became smiles. Created in collaboration with DABSMYLA. Sculpted by hand in virtual reality by JOY. Music and animation by JOY.

Chris Guyot

Rincon, PR
Chris is the Co-founder and Creative Director at Toast. He is a 3D artist that specializes in creating whimsical, vibrant content.

Green River
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2048 x 2048px. 10 second loop. This little green river is rumored to contain tiny pink fish that exist exclusively to hug one another. A remastered work from the “Colorful Nature Exploration” series. Artwork created by Chris Guyot.


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Can you give me a minute before I hypnotize you?

Tony Babel

Tony Babel is a designer, animator & illustrator creating vintage animated loops.

Ace of Spades
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An infinite march of the highest in the deck. Rumor has it that one who stares at this animation gets better
odds at taking the pot. 1400x1400px seamless loop.

Andrea Chiampo

Andrea Chiampo is a London-based italian Digital Artist and Concept Designer for the Entertainment Industry. His client list includes: Disney – Industrial Light & Magic, 20th Century Fox, Amblin Entertainment, MPC, TheMill and many more.

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From the collection FUTURED PAST. Digitally sculpted and rendered in ZBrush. 4000 x 2279

Brendan North

Los Angeles, CA
Non Fungible Photographer. Having photographed many of social media’s most popular figures, Brendan left the world of influencers for the art world in 2018. He has since created a signature style of photography that captures the glamorous side of society while offering commentary on issues he finds compelling at the same time. From images of futuristic beings to visions of a world dripping in gold, his photos have a voice of their own. Twitter: @imbrendannorth

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ΛLMOST HUMΛN: SINGULARITY // A story of our future. I can recall the moment the idea to shoot these futuristic models came to me. It was May of 2020 and we had been on lockdown in Los Angeles for nearly three months. I wanted to create something new, something poignant to the situation facing our species. A virus had disrupted our fragile human programming and brought the world to its knees. So I began to wonder, will we one day leave the weakness of our biological bodies behind? Will we choose to have our consciousness uploaded and assisted by AI? And at that point, will we still be human? So the concept for “ΛLMOST HUMΛN” began to form in my mind. I searched far and wide across the internet to find my shiny new virus-proof models. They were perfect subjects. I like to think that the future of the human form may look something like ΛLMOST HUMΛN: SINGULARITY

Elia Pellegrini

I’m an Italian artist and musician who specialized in visual arts (VFX, Painting, Drawing). I work as a Freelancer CGI & VFX Artist I’m Officially represented by YHELLOW Productions LA

Self Portrait
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This is the most important illustration of the series “Tales of Brave Angels”. It represents mainly my person and everything that belongs to me but in general the commonplace of all artists in which creative ideas are born and visions and desires are realized. This image contains the main worlds I live in: 3d graphics (CGI and VFX), music, photography and videography, freerunning/acrobatics, and painting. The blank canvases represent the future, the works we will create, and the projects in which we will participate. The canvases at the bottom left are paintings actually created by me in the past years as well as the painting in the center. On the left, there’s my pc setup and in the monitors, you can see the work in progress of this illustration. On the right, my music world, I play guitar and experiment with keys + the monitor with Ableton interface with a screenshot of my last single as Luxyum. Every single piece of this whole situation has got its specific meaning. Size: 8000×7000 p


Berlin based director, digital artist and co-founder of IOR50 studio. Giusy is working at the intersection between science, technology and nature to tell narratives of the many possible multiverses which exist in parallel to our world and most of her creations feature inspirations of our world’s biodiversity. Previous clients include: Lol Esports, Riot Games, Nike, BBC, Harper’s Bazaar, Boiler room TV, Cartoon Network IT, Reebok, Nike SB x Travis Scott and more.

Beautiful inside
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“Beautiful inside” is my reinterpretation of human anatomy and the structure of flesh, bones, and nerves.

Jen Stark

Los Angeles, CA
Jen Stark is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose works explore sacred geometry, infinity, fractals, plant growth and their relationships to each other. Her artwork has a mystifying simplicity that subtly alters perception and unearths the complex systems of nature.

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Through a myriad of colorful patterning and vibrational phases, “Mandala” reveals the infinite cycle of the universe. These sacred geometric forms portray a metaphysical representation of the cosmos. Each layer moves inwards and outwards forever in a looping cycle of creation and re-creation. This meditative work embraces the structure of plant growth, infinity and hypnotic mysticism ● Mandala, 2021, 1 of 1 ● Artwork by Jen Stark in collaboration with David Lewandowski. Sound Design by Charlie Scovill. Along with this NFT, the artist will provide links to uncompressed video files.

VYGA Foundation
This limited collection of NFTs exclusively on SuperRare is based on paintings from the late Vigintas Stankus (1962 – 2018) private family collection and tokenized by the family-run Vyga Foundation. All proceeds will go towards the establishment of a gallery and grants for young and upcoming artists. During his life, Vyga had made more than 80 personal and group exhibitions globaly. His abstract paintings are part of the Mo Museum and Lewben Art Foundation and many private collections.

The Town on Fire
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The abstract town on fire licked by flames. Deadly, yet so beautiful. The artwork was painted using oil on canvas. This foundation is based on the collection of artworks by the painter Vigintas-Vyga Stankus (1962 – 2018).

Jacob Riglin

London | Los Angeles
Jacob Riglin is a 26 year old photographer & creative director from London, UK. For the past 7 years Jacob has spent the majority of his time traveling to the far corners of the earth, showcasing how surreal the real world can be. This has helped him build an audience of over 1.5 million people on social media who follow him for a daily dose of inspiration through his art. His most notable clients include Lamborghini, Bugatti, Aman Resorts, Dubai Tourism Board, Apple and many more.

Edition 1 of 1

“DREAM WORLD II” is the second piece within Jacob’s genesis NFT collection “DREAM WORLD” — a unique collection that tells powerful stories with visuals inspired by the far corners of the earth. — We are all born brave, yet as we grow up its society that teaches us otherwise. As children our vision is endless, our dreams are vibrant and expansive. As we grow older, the world of ego tells us, ‘Be less of this’ and, ‘You are too much of that’. Dream World is a place of no ego, no fear, just endless possibilities, but to get there, we need to learn which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn behind us. Recognising which beliefs feed our ego and fears, and which ones nurture that childlike wonder, is something the girl is still learning. She is at the beginning of the bridge, the bridge that leads her away from fear and doubt, toward the freedom of self belief and child-like vision. The only decision now is whether or not to take that step to finally understand that everything she’s wants is on the other side of fear. Each image within this collection tells a story, a moment suspended in time, connecting Jacob’s love to travel and his experiences, with the surrealism of the real world. This image continues to take inspiration from the wild and vibrant landscapes of the Middle East, combining multiple photos captured by Jacob over a 4 year period, across several countries. *** The collector will receive a gallery quality, signed and framed physical print of the image alongside the NFT. The size of the print will be determined by the collector and Jacob once the sale is complete.


Diva Experimental

Slur ⚧
Edition 1 of 1

Slur ⚧ is a painting which depicts a playful demonic gaze. Its title, Slur, for me suggests an alchemical transformation of the different slurs I’ve been called throughout my lifetime. The work constitutes a gesture of invoking prejudice as materia prima, a catalyst/fertilizer for my faith in strangers, including those who have at different points had the intention of alienating me with their words. The gesture of this piece is meant as a means of love in the face of fear, hoping to allow for an encounter with numinous love in the face of prejudice and cruelty the context of groupthink-fueled bullying be it in recess playgrounds or on the streets day to day.

Raf Grassetti

Los Angeles

Edition 1 of 1

“Old and new make the warp and woof of every moment. There is no thread that is not a twist of these two strands.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ryan Church

20+ years Digital Concept Artist and Designer. Lucasfilm Concept Design Supervisor. ILM, Disney Imagineering, Amazon. credits: Mandalorian, Cosmos, Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, Marvel, and many more-

Coral Overlook
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Cresting the pass and your first view of the Citynode at Coral Overlook-

Pascal Blanché

Art Director in the gaming Industry for 25 years: Myst IV Revelation/ Naruto rise of a Ninja/ James Cameron’s AVATAR/ RUNESCAPE/ Elite Dangerous/ Mighty Quest/ FarCry: New Dawn. Concept artist in Film: Aquaman. Award Winner SCIFI Cover Artist. Head in the stars since 1977. Follow/DM me @pascalblanche on Twitter and Instagram

The Riddle
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One of my favorite things in art is to create new ideas by mixing up genres, like Scifi and Fantasy. It gives my works a more underlining tone, it creates a mystery… Same thing applies to my techniques where I mix
up 3D and 2D software to achieve a more unique look. //Mixed Digital
8293 x 12000px, JPEG

Robert Bingaman

United States
Robert Bingaman is an artist based in the United States. His pursuits include painting, writing, and filmmaking.

Platform 1
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For the last 15 years, I’ve been on some kind of search. My career as a painter could be seen not as a collection of what I’ve found, but as a path of footprints along the way. The places I depict are those where people often come together. But in my images, they’ve gone. Or not yet arrived. The long moments between—when we are invited to name what we’re even waiting for. Earlier this year, I was introduced to the idea of art on the blockchain. For all the conversations it has triggered, I found it enchanting to consider. How romantic, even, to put forth an image that becomes irreversibly encoded across a universe of codependent digital “ether.” We’ve come so far from the cave, and yet our desires are the same. To mark our time. To make permanent the object of our desire. There was no better place for me to start than from where I’ve always been. Platform 1 was created February 25, 2021

Rodrigo Rezende

Rodrigo Rezende, also known as RWR2, is a Brazilian Artist / Art Director with more than 15 years of experience working in the design and animation industry. His personal works can range from digital sculptures to digital paintings, depicting peculiar figures and contemporary themes through his odd way of working with shapes and forms.

Screen Time
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We seek information, entertainment, acceptance, connection. ‘Screen Time’ is a reflection of our contemporary behaviour.


3D Freelance from Italy

Edition 1 of 1

Do you really know your inner self?

Gryun Kim

Los angeles
: :

Edition 1 of 1

ASYMΞTRY is an Online Exhibition upcoming this year collaborating with a lot of digital artists. This short film describes the way to the entrance of
Asymmetry building.

Jerry Saltz
Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine. 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism. Author NYT Bestseller “How to be an Artist”. Two-time ASME Award winner.

The First 10,000
Edition 1 of 1

A collage tapestry of Jerry Saltz Instagram posts from March 2012 toApril 2021 with 100% of proceeds for benefit of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
Image size 25 megapixels (5000×5000 = 25m pixels)

Yanis Georges

French 3D Artist / Art Director Yanis Georges is known for his sleek abstract design and organic animations. Playing with the idea of the future, the artist’s shimmering, polychromatic worlds harken to alternate realities.

Mondrian 3.0 – Equilibre
Edition 1 of 1

Equilibre is the 1st piece of the New MONDRIAN 3.0, COLLECTION, by French artist, Yanis Georges. — Mondrian 3.0 is a nod to the Dutch pioneer of 20thcentury abstract art. But whereas the father of Modernism limited his visual vocabulary to three primary colours, Yanis, has set aside any such formalism in his palette. These figurative works celebrate the human form in a story of playful, almost whimsical tints and tones. There is a machine-like structure of geodesic layers in every image. On one level, they are very traditional, very materialist in their philosophical vision. This world is the human body, the Greek-like limbless torso, the Roman bust-like head. But they are woven from a curious, macro-lens observation of weird and fantastical organic shapes that the ancient world of artists and sculptors would never have understood. From the dramatic spikes of ice crystals to the microscopic view of almost cellular detail, which is abstraction, and which is flesh and bone? The artist keeps us guessing. After all, if we look at the real world close enough it becomes abstract and if we look at the abstract, it eventually devolves into what is quite natural. If Yanis offers more questions than answers then so be it. This collection invite you to consider the unfathomable, because life does not provide all the answers. We are only human – after all — 1080x1350px 50fps –FULL PROJECT :


British artist based in Montenegro painting soft, chubby characters that seesaw between adorable and disturbing.

Monochrome Smiles
Edition 1 of 1

Acrylic on canvas | 2890 x 3000px | 72dpi | Original buyer will receive physical artwork | 85 x 89cm

Derek Boshier
Derek Boshier (b. 1937) is “one of the godfathers of pop art”. During his studies at the RCA in London, he became one of the first artists of the British Pop Art movement. He has engaged with popular culture throughout his career and worked with music groups including David Bowie and the Clash. Boshier’s art spans a wide variety of media. His work is collected by museums across the world including Tate and MoMA. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and has received awards at international film festivals.

Edition 1 of 1

This work is a collaboration between “one of the godfathers of pop art” Derek Boshier and Shapeshifter7 who share authorship of the work and will share in the revenue of the primary sale and any subsequent sales on the secondary market. The first release from their crypto series is titled NOBODY BEHIND THE WHEEL. Conceptually, this piece represents the view of diehard crypto adherents that currency, commerce and contracts work best when there is no central steering authority. Essentially a driverless car that propels itself forward on a road that is built by the thousands of decentralized nodes that represent the blockchain. The idea of fiat currencies being represented by a FIAT car was exactly the sort of visual pun that appealed to their punk sense of humor. Derek’s work with David Bowie and The Clash has always played with ideas of revolution, both artistic and cultural. His work is in the collections of Tate, MoMA and many museums around the world. Derek is a Guggenheim Fellow and has received awards at international film festivals. Verisart Certified:

Suzanne Saroff


Mad Tulip
Edition 1 of 1

Mad Tulip is Suzanne Saroff’s first minted NFT artwork.

Ruby 9100M

Hong Kong
Ruby9100m is a trans-human digital being that is RUBY GLOOM, pushing the boundaries of reality and digital ingenuity. Her creativity and persona has garnered respect across multiple industries leading her to collaborations with fashion and tech magazines, brands, artists and galleries. Ruby has become a self evolving identity of her creator’s vision and a symbol for an open, accepting and visionary digital future.

Edition 1 of 1

<昙花一現 – 9 Days Wonder> Nothing lasts forever, we prepare for and embrace the good with the bad. Every blossom fades at the end of the season, but we hope that they will bloom another year. Ruby 9100m is immortalized in this series of five works, captured in the climax of bursting blossoms. Monochromatic plastic textures illustrate the digital illusions that we are immersed in. Close to reality but still far removed. Each work has its own unique floral and color identity to express different sides of the artist’s personality: pink/fantasy, blue/melancholy, green/resilience, purple/imagination and yellow/faith. Ruby hopes to connect the creator and collector with a personalized, handwritten letter that will be delivered to the highest bidder for each work. This piece is the first in a collection of five original artworks.

Random International
Art Group RANDOM INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2005 by Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass and now includes teams based in London and Berlin. Their work invites participation and questions aspects of identity and autonomy in the post-digital age. They explore the human condition in an increasingly mechanized world through emotional yet physically intense experiences. Their work Rain Room has been shown around the world and is in the collections of the Jackalope Art Collection in Melbourne and LACMA.

rain 10x10m H264 720P.mp4
Edition 1 of 1

This is the first Rain Room visual development render created with C4D in September 2008 (at 09:48). The Artwork Title is the original name of the file, as stored in our archive. Random International’s Rain Room then premiered as the Barbican Centre’s Curve Commission in October 2012 with the support of the Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation for Art, four years after this first internal attempt to frame the concept in Cinema 4D. Editions of Rain Room are now in the permanent collections of LACMA, the Sharjah Art Foundation, the Stuart & Maxine Frankel Foundation for Art, the YUZ foundation and the Jackalope Art Collection. The artwork has also been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan (2019), the YUZ Museum in Shanghai (2015), MoMA, New York (2013) and London’s Barbican (2012). An edition of Rain Room has become the first permanently installed artwork at the Sharjah Art Foundation (UAE) and is housed in its own custom-built building. Verisart Certified:

Jaime Jones
20 years as a digital painter. Credits: Star Wars, The Martian, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Destiny 1 & 2, Halo: Reach, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Tor, Ace, Orbit, Royal Mail.

The Hunt
Edition 1 of 1

A personal work / 2021

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