Mix Master Mike x Winbush NFT Collaboration on SuperRare

Shot from Mix Master Mike’s debut NFT “ Mob Recipe “ in collaboration with Winbush

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Mix Master Mike makes his NFT debut exclusively on SuperRare

The Grammy Award winning Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame DJ Mix Master Mike will be making his NFT debut with international multi-award winning motion graphics artist Jonathan Winbush. On Friday April 23rd the duo will release their first collaboration NFT together titled “ Mob Recipe”.

Shot to “ Mob Recipe “ Remix
Mix Master Mike will also drop the Remix on the same day

The duo will also release “ Mob Recipe” remix which is paying homage to the old school hip hop days when you bought a single record or cassette you’d get the A side and B side where all the remixes would be. This will be the first time ever that the World’s fastest DJ will have his performance on the blockchain. In order to make this happen, Winbush captured Mix Master Mike in a motion capture suit by Rokoko and was able to in real-time gather all his movement information so that he could later apply that to a CG model character of Mike.

Mix Master Mike performing his set in the Rokoko motion capture suit
A look behind the process

Always using cutting edge technology the pair also had Mike photoscanned using The Scan Truck in which they where able to get a photoreal 100% accurate 3d model of Mix Master Mike they could later use in 3d applications such as Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine. For those not familiar The Scan Truck is a mobile truck that uses a lot of DLSR cameras to take photos of a subject from all angles at once. The photos are later brought into a software called Reality Capture Studio which will use machine learning to stitch all those photos together and create a 3D model. This process in short is called photogrammetry.

Mix Master Mike photoscanned using the Scan Truck
Let me reintroduce myself

Named as “the world’s greatest DJ” by USA Today, Mix Master Mike’s status as a premier, award-winning DJ and producer has allowed him to maintain his rank as an influential musician, and become a household name.

Grammy Award winner Mix Master Mike’s many accomplishments include a 3 time consecutive win of the DMC World title, a win of the 1992 New Music Seminar DJ Battle (where he became the first West Coast DJ to win the title of World Champion), and being inducted into the Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 with the Beastie Boys. His skillful, hard-hitting scratch work has rightfully earned him the status of a pioneer in the hip-hop and DJ communities.

Recently, Mike has been found opening for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, joining the official Emmy’s orchestra with the legendary Michael Bearden (Lady Gaga’s/Michael Jackson’s music director), creating music that has been featured on major television networks (i.e. producing the theme music for Teen Titans Go on Cartoon Network), performing on Yo Gabba Gabba, producing the theme music for the FIFA World Cup, working on Andra Day’s Grammy nominated album, “Cheers to the Fall”, and more. In 2016, he was invited to the White House by former President Barack Obama to perform at the Kennedy Center Honors 36th Gala honoring Herbie Hancock.

2017 was a whirlwind year for Mix Master Mike, touring stadiums with Metallica, trailblazing the VR world, working on music with the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, DJing A$AP Rocky’s latest album release party, and more. Mike’s Virtual Reality project, “Magma Chamber”, has been winning awards internationally, including the 2017 VR Fest Award for “Best Animated VR Music Video” and two awards from Vega Digital Awards. “Magma Chamber” is being recognized as one of the best and most innovative videos in the VR world. As a result of all the attention “Magma Chamber” has received, Sir Richard Branson extended an invitation for Mix Master Mike to attend the Extreme Tech Challenge awards at the famous Necker Island. His second VR music video, “Moonbase Invasion,” was released to critical acclaim as well, winning honors from Cannes Film Festival, Austin Music Video Festival and Globaltrend Video Awards.

Mix Master Mike x Winbush winning Best VR Music Video Award

The NFT is avialable now only on SuperRare at https://superrare.com/winbush

Mob Recipe https://superrare.com/artwork-v2/mix-master-mike—mob-recipe-23814

Mob Recipe Remix https://superrare.com/artwork-v2/mix-master-mike—mob-recipe-remix-23816

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