Zachary Darren Corzine: Hyper-Reality

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Zachary Darren Corzine is an award-winning 3D Designer / Director with a focus on experimental hyper-real animations. His work pushes the boundaries between real and surreal, while remaining grounded in tactile materials and photographic approaches. He has created work for brands including Apple, Disney, ESPN, Google, the NBA, and Nike.

“I’ve always drawn inspiration from the natural world and other disciplines and mediums outside of 3D. By pulling from unexpected sources, it allows me to re-interpret and filter from a new lens into the digital realm. By instilling surreal behaviors or unexpected qualities into realistic simulations, you can arrive at a place that’s unpredictable.”

His series ‘Textile Techniques’ is the culmination of these practices – swaths of velvety fur and layers of cloth grow in organic undulations, mesmerizing the viewer in it’s playfulness and stylization. Overarching patterns of plastic spheres containing clusters of sand weaves into itself, layered in it’s behavior and interactions. 

Zachary’s process is driven by experimentation and exploration. A major foundation of his work is built upon simulations and procedural systems, which he continues to develop with each new piece. 

“Coming from commercial design and advertising, I take a design-first approach, but within my personal work I am able to explore and challenge myself in a way I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I’m looking to continually develop new techniques within digital art and 3D simulations, and engage with the audience by playing with their expectations.”

Shedding Self
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Zachary’s latest series, titled ‘Felt’ is an exploration of personal feelings of oneself, each looping in a hypnotic manner that is representative of the cycles we all go through. Each piece is representative of a different phase of personal growth, beginning with feeling constrained or restricted in one’s current circumstances, then growing out of one’s own skin, shedding our outer shell to gain a new perspective and beginning the cycle anew. 


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