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David Garibaldi (b. 1982) established himself in pop culture with his eclectic painting style, creating life size street art paintings on canvas in under 10 minutes. He’s performed at the NBA Finals, Sean “P Diddy” Combs’s birthday party, the White House at the end of the Obama Administration, the Olympics in Sao Paulo Brazil, opened for KISS on their farewell tour, was a finalist on America’s Got Talent, and created a series of music videos for JUICE WRLD’s posthumous album (all of which went #1 on YouTube). 

Aside from his performances, David was also recently honored at the Kennedy Center for his charitable contributions after crossing over $6,000,000.00 in auction proceeds raised from the sale of his paintings. 

David is dropping Theory of Imagination as his second-ever release as part of his Out Of Mind NFT collection. 

In regard to the NFT Art space – David has strong sentiments towards what it means for all artists to be able to showcase their work. 

“What at time to be alive… and to connect with collectors in a whole new way. What intrigues me most about NFTs is being able to see every collector along the way of the arts journey. And on that journey, I will be able to directly connect with them, give exclusive access, and more. As our world opens up and as I get back to performing at live shows, I hope to use this technology to give access to these unique collectors. I’m open and excited to see where this is going. In addition to building a relationship with collectors, I hope to be an advocate to future creators as they venture into this NFT space.” 

Out Of Mind highlights iconic figures in pop culture & history who have revolutionized the landscape of their world with thoughts and ideas that transcended their respective norms. Often, as bystanders we wish that we could get a glimpse into what is going on inside the heads of innovators and artists. This collection is David Garibaldi’s attempt to illustrate what he thinks is going on. 

Similar to the view that we get into the headspace of each of David’s subjects, the NFT also allows viewers to see David’s creation process in action, granting them a glimpse into how his mind works when he is creating art. 

The rapid and choreographed nature of David’s style add to the beauty and impulsiveness of his work. Theory of Imagination centers around David’s artistic interpretation into the mind of Albert Einstein. 

For the past 18 years David focused on performing portraits live all while making the process entertaining and a high-quality finished product. He always wondered what it would look like if he dived into the mind of these icons. Theory of Imagination was his first attempt at this exploration It was experimental, but also intentional about where he wanted to go. This painting spurred on a collection of now over 20 plus images in this style. The title Theory of Imagination is about showing that Einstein was not just a numbers guy. He had a deep and colorful imagination to think beyond reality, space, and time. 

Theory of Imagination
Edition 1 of 1

Theory of Imagination is live as a 1-of-1 on SuperRare and will not be minted elsewhere. Music was produced by Slenderbodies

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