A deep dive into Antoine Collignon’s sci-fi and surreal visions

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Antoine Collignon is a digital artist based beyond the dome and currently working as a concept artist in the Entertainment industry for Films and Videogames. His large artistic production translates surreal and sci-fi visions, trips and celestial journeys into an impressive body of works, mastering techniques such as 3D modeling, animation and digital painting which are usually crafted to be experienced like a movie.

As soon as you dive into his many different worlds, you will take a glimpse of his otherworldly psychedelic realm, grounded science fiction and vivid cyberpunk trips, similar to what one can experience with the heavy intake of hallucinogenic substances, which brings us to one of the most recurring themes in Antoine Collignon’s work : unlocking the potential of the human mind and an in-depth search of your inner self.  

This feeling of searching for his true-self or searching for answers are depicted in many of his landscapes paintings and psy animations where we can sometimes experience the feeling of being lost in time or even confusion. 

One of his collection “EXTINCTION” is a series of hypnagogic paintings that depict the wandering of a man with two dogs as only companions in an altered version of Earth. This series works as a whole, as the more we travel by his side discovering this surreal reality, the more abstract the landscape becomes. This trip beyond what we know opens the sight to another physical dimension, explored by the character but also by the viewer.

Thoses parallel universes takes the viewer on a trip into Antoine’s vivid imagination.

After discovering the first pieces of digital art on Shadowness (One of the first emerging art community in 2005) Antoine started his artistic journey and worked on his technical skills with a certain determination, considering skills and a precise execution would be the best way to channel his emotions and fulfill his artistic vision.

His love for cinematography, surreal and science-fiction universe made him delve into the sharp accuracy imposed by film production and painting as a way to pay tribute to his many artistic influences. According to him, the best inspiration is found mostly in the subtle state between consciousness and sleep, or while dreaming, wandering or reading. Those glimpses of inspiration from his artistic routine come as visions and create the core of Antoine’s works.

Music is another important aspect of his creative process, as an influence but also as an integral part of his designs, as he composes his own scores for his animations to provide the full experience to the viewer. Being a 360° artist is essential to Antoine who loves mastering the complete creative process, from the idea to the ending point of realization. 

As a professional freelance artist, Antoine chose to specialize in the creation of concept artworks for video games, television and films production in 2015 and has been involved in a wide range of pre and post-production projects. With a variety of fields of work such as environment design, character design and storytelling visuals, Antoine had the opportunity to work closely with many AAA directors around the world to establish the foundations upon which their ideas, the concepts behind movies and video-games, are built upon. 

Antoine is known for numerous designs which have been used as part of the storytelling tools in the entertainment industry. His robust clientele include a few familiar names such as NASA, PlayStation, Warner Bros., National Geographic, Netflix, Marvel, Insomniac Games, Sony Pictures. Just that.

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