Spotlight season premiere: Inside the $500,000 NFT house by Krista Kim

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On April 15th Superrare released episode one of season two of Spotlight, our YouTube series profiling innovative artists and their work in the NFT marketplace.

In the season premiere, SuperRare’s Product & Experience Director, Phil Murphy, sits down with Toronto artist Krista Kim to discuss the vision behind her recently sold 3D home, Mars House. The first NFT house in the world, Mars House sold for an astonishing 288 ETH ($512,712) on SuperRare.

The goal of the Spotlight series is to explore the stories behind the art and artists emerging in the cryptoart community.

“It’s a long term value,” Murphy said. “People will be discovering these videos in five years or more and that’s the beauty of it, that’s the value we want to capture: not just temporary ephemeral value but something that makes historical sense.”

“Behind all art there is a story and stories are the most important part of being human,” said Nathan Beer, Head of Content Production at SuperRare. “I always think of the story of the Mona Lisa and how it didn’t have value until it was stolen.”

Given NFT’s immutable and permanent position on the blockchain, Murphy said, it’s really important to attach a story to cryptoart.

“The world needs more stories about art,” he said, “and that is why Spotlight is so important.”

A new Spotlight episode will be released every two weeks. Subscribe to the full second season here.

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