SuperRare Secondary Market Weekly Report

March 29 – April 4

Weekly recap of the highest digital art secondary sales on SuperRare.

#8 Conducting Research by @dangiuz was sold by @bob_dub to @stewiethepro for $50,982
ROI: 46%
Artist royalty to @dangiuz: $5,098

Conducting Research
Edition 1 of 1
Day no. 19. You can barely breathe without an oxygen mask. A white flash, that’s all I remember. The aneutronic fusion in the air is what’s making the sky green. I will keep conducting my research.

#7 Astronauta by @frenetikvoid was sold by @fafafofo to @thegreatmando1 for $51,725
ROI: 1,003%
Artist royalty to frenetikvoid: $5,173

Edition 1 of 1
-extra extra

#6 Don’t make waves by @alessiodevecchi was sold by @fafafofo to @keyboardmonkey3 for $53,794
ROI: 1,429%
Artist royalty to @alessiodevecchi: $5,379

Don’t make waves
Edition 1 of 1
A reflection about individualism.

#5 Forever Colored by @oldjastisr was sold by @pixelvault_ to @batsoupyum for $59,920
ROI: 97%
Artist royalty to @oldjastisr: $5,992

Forever Colored
Edition 1 of 1
True colors showing through | High quality signed print included

#4 To Infinity And Beyond by @mbsjq was sold by @osfcollections to @cryptonio123 for $77,375
ROI: 81%
Artist royalty to @mbsjq: $7,738

To Infinity And Beyond
Edition 1 of 1
“You will be tested, but don’t quit.” Astro & The Universe. 1/1, Single Edition.

#3 In abandoned places by @alessiodevecchi was sold by @fafafofo to @keyboardmonkey3 for $78,622
ROI: 46%
Artist royalty to @alessiodevecchi: $7,862

In abandoned places
Edition 1 of 1
This piece is part of an ongoing series. It investigates the will to regain physical and mental space, but also the necessity of exploring the recesses of the self. The furry worm is wandering. He’s bright in color, but we can’t tell what his mood might be. It’s not given to know if he’s lost or in control of the exploration.⁣⁣

#2 Becoming Sochukwuma by @osinachi was sold by @kvg_dpc to @dewei for $79,726
ROI: 12,475%
Artist royalty to @osinachi: $7,973

Becoming Sochukwuma
Edition 1 of 1
This artwork was inspired by “I Will Call Him Sochukwuma: Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Problem”, a 2014 essay written by Chimamanda Adichie in reaction to Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Law. It imagines the Sochukwuma in the piece as a Nigerian queer man who grows up to love himself to the point of showing off his potentials through dance. Limited edition prints of this piece are available at ARTOJA, an online gallery.

#1 Reflection by @xcopy was sold by @pixelvault_ to @4156 for $872,575
ROI: 786%
Artist royalty to @xcopy: $87,258

Edition 1 of 1
XCOPY, 2018

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