Weekly Top 10 Picks by @John__

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Weekly Top 10 Picks by John__ (@johnthompsoniv)

Bulli by @chrislabrooy

Kinetic Bulli T3 transporter. Sound programmed by Chris Labrooy. Year 2021

A VW Transporter veers from Chrislabrooy’s classic sports car designs. Created with a funky animation and an originally programmed sound, this is a dynamic piece many will turn their heads at.

Unheimlich by @nacho_frades

Purely visual, no text.

Unheimlich can be translated from German as “weird” or “uncanny.” A visual that reminds me of Parasite by Bong Joon-ho.

victory by @blake

Original painting by Blake Jamieson. Spray Paint, Acrylic, and ArtResin on Canvas 24 x 36 x 1.5

Blake is one of the long-standing artists who are cleverly translating their work towards NFTs. This is a pop-art creation of basketball’s greatest icon, Michael Jordan.

Paradis Perdu by @clementmorin

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” Carl Jung
Sound Design by Arne Thomas

An insightful quote by Jung adds another layer to an awe-inspiring animation of a rocket barreling towards the skies.

MARTIAN by @antonitudisco

2/5 of the MA Collection w/ DingYunZhang.

A figure clothed in streetwear on a rocky surface leads me to thoughts of Yeezus—Kanye West traversing his Wyoming ranch.

Pistachio by @sixnfive

Green is the color of nature and it represents life and serenity, it exudes good vibes.

Pistachio taps Jetson-like influences to invoke a swanky, futuristic living room.

People Nowadays by @mehmetgeren

“People Nowadays”
Resolution : 3000x3000px

Imagine if we devoted a slim fraction of our daily screen time to reading…

Sulfur Mining by @rivenribbon

In a distant star system exists a planet coveted for its rich sulfur ore. Noxious fumes forever encapsulate the planet yet society moves on. It is said those who live here have a dramatically shortened lifespan.

What I believe to be a cool take on early 20th-century Futurism. I wonder what art movements are like in civilizations on other planets?

Escape by @karlpoyzer

“It’s not much but it’s home… For the next 12 minutes”

Expert level attention to detail and shadowing equals a great space piece.

Treehouse by @nicolas_sassoon

Tree House is a digital animation of a rudimentary architecture made of wooden boards, constructed on top of a dead tree. The animation was created in April 2020, about a year ago, in response to feelings of isolation and information overload, as well as a form of reflection on radical alternatives inspired by post-apocalyptic science-fiction literature, films and video games. Tree houses can be traced back to more than 40.000 years ago in human history, they represent one of the first forms of human architecture. They take different meanings depending on the context they are found; from survival shelters to recreational structures. Symbolically, tree houses represent a desire to return to a form of innocence or independence, an escape from society or from an urban environment. The figure of the tree house resonates with many of our contemporary yearnings: a closer proximity with nature, a higher level of autonomy, a simpler and more essential lifestyle. This artwork will not be part of a series. —— Artwork Info: 777x840pixels, 350frames, 25fps, 128colors. 3D model + image post processing. Previously exhibited in Vancouver for PLATFORMS 2020, curated by the city of Vancouver. Remastered in 2021, HD & 4K versions available upon request.

I love when artists dive deep in describing their work. The use of a worn-down cabin at the top of the dead tree gives me feelings of discomfort. This piece makes me think more about the traditional symbolism of a treehouse.

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