SuperRare Secondary Market Weekly Report

March 8-14

Weekly recap of the highest digital art secondary sales on SuperRare.

#9 Generation Null by @xcopy was sold by @wa to @pixelvault_ for $47,275
ROI: 2,071%
Artist royalty to @xcopy: $4,728

Generation Null
Edition 1 of 1

#8 Remnant by @xcopy was sold by @ethsquiat to @mrtcollection for $51,200
ROI: 2,083%
Artist royalty to @xcopy: $5,120

Edition 1 of 1
Cyber remnants of tomorrow

#7 Puzzles by @slimesunday was sold by @skymine to @rudy for $57,503
ROI: 3,579%
Artist royalty to @slimesunday: $5,750

Edition 1 of 1
Over the course of my career, many of my artworks have been censored or deleted from my social media portfolios for explicit content violations. Ive seen the phrase “your image has violated community guidelines” too many times to count. Both Instagram and Facebook have flagged my account, making it almost impossible to release new artworks to their platforms. “Puzzles” is my third release from the “Banned From The Internet” series , I hope you enjoy 🙂

#6 3D Landscape 1.0 by @videodrome was sold by @mushbuh to @ethsquiat for $61,447
ROI: 255,929%
Artist royalty to @videodrome: $6,145

3D Landscape 1.0
Edition 1 of 1
good morning, thinking about it

#5 This is clearly money laundering by @xcopy was sold by @pixelvault_ to @curiousnfts for $74,833
ROI: 101%
Artist royalty to @xcopy: $7,483

This is clearly money laundering
Edition 1 of 1

#4 Superpositions of Revolving Cubes by @pak was sold by @fafafofo to @curiousnfts for $88,781
ROI: 502%
Artist royalty to @pak: $8,878

Superpositions of Revolving Cubes
Edition 1 of 1

#3 Piu Caprim, The American Dream by @osiris was sold by @coldie to @rudy for $89,943
ROI: 264,438%
Artist royalty to @osiris: $8,994

Piu Caprim, The American Dream
Edition 1 of 1
“In the Kayapó language we call your money piu caprim, ‘sad leaves’, because it is a dead and useless thing, and it brings only harm and sadness. When your money comes into our communities it often causes big problems, driving our people apart. And we can see that it does the same thing in your cities, where what you call rich people live isolated from everyone else, afraid that other people will come to take their piu caprim away from them. Meanwhile other people starve or live in misery because they don’t have enough money to get food for themselves and their children.” – Raoni Metuktire

#2 Andy Warhol {stringed;} by @hackatao was sold by @ethsquiat to @yeahyeah for $158,815
ROI: 3,941%
Artist royalty to @hackatao: $15,881

Andy Warhol {stringed;}
Edition 1 of 1
Dedicated to the father of Pop Art, Andy Warhol. The artwork is a collaboration between Hackatao (original painting and parameter tuning) and HEX0x6C (coding in Processing). Read this article to know the story behind the piece:

#1 Overthinking Again by @fewocious was sold by @pixelvault_ to @4156 for $345,150
ROI: 309%
Artist royalty to @fewocious: $34,515

Overthinking Again
Edition 1 of 1
They say pressure makes diamonds, but i don’t know if i can handle it. There’s too much on my mind & I’m Overwhelmed. Tell me, Friend, Will it all be okay in the end!?.. do you promise? please don’t lie to me. I’m sick of liars.

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