Mars House: The first NFT digital home in the world

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Krista Kim’s Mars House is the first NFT digital house in the world, featured in Architectural Digest on March 14, 2021. Upon purchase of Mars House NFT, 3D files will be sent to the new owner by Krista Kim Studio Inc. for file upload to the owner’s Metaverse. Technical support for integration on a Metaverse platform is included.

Mars House
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(Architectural Digest, March 14, 2021) “Kim ventured into NFTs while exploring meditative design during quarantine; her hope was to use the influx of digital life as an opportunity to promote wellbeing. Comprised entirely of light, the visual effects of her crypto-home are meant to omit a zen, healing atmosphere. The artist also partnered with musician Jeff Schroeder of The Smashing Pumpkins to create a calming musical accompaniment. So what makes the file a compelling purchase? Beyond the promise of buying into the lucrative NFT market, the home and all of the furniture in it can be built in real life by glass furniture-makers in Italy, as well as through MicroLED screen technology. Kim also has a strong visions the art being projected, as well. “Everyone should install an LED wall in their house for NFT art.” says the artist. “ This is the future, and Mars House demonstrates the beauty of that possibility.”

Terms and conditions: 

  1. The collector agrees to use one copy of Mars House on a single Metaverse platform. The collector must register Mars House ownership with Krista Kim Studio Inc.
  2. If/when Mars House is resold, the collector agrees to delete all Mars House 3D file(s) from his/her Metaverse with official verification by Krista Kim Studio Inc. before the files are submitted to the new owner.  
  3. The new owner must register Mars House ownership with Krista Kim Studio Inc. Krista Kim Studio will send Mars House 3D files directly and provide support for Metaverse integration.  
  4. This system will be placed under trusteeship after 40years under Krista Kim Studio Inc,. or, if it is automated through the @superrare platform.
  5. Krista Kim Studio Inc. retains ownership of Mars House copyright. All reproductions both digital and physical, are restricted. 
  6. Physical furniture pieces, made of tempered printed glass in Italy, may be commissioned separately as NFT furniture art and physical pieces..

All of the furniture of Mars House is designed with tempered glass and fabrics, using renewable material, with Krista’s artwork integrated in every detail. She wanted this space to showcase her development for Meditative Design, a new definition of avant garde luxury for the digital age. Sustainability, anti-microbial and zen. 

Krista learned the meaning of art at the Ryoanji Temple Zen garden in Kyoto. Art is a mirror of the mind. Her art is an exploration of Digital Zen. Digital environment is relentlessly distracting and addictive. As an attempt to bring new awareness of digital consciousness, her art strips away to the core element of light, color and sound. Her intention is to create a meditative environment on our screen, like a digital Zen garden.  

Kyoto’s architecture was built for Zen consciousness of the community. She was inspired to expand on this tradition for the digital age. LED screens can be used as digital instruments of well-being. Krista predicts that micro LED technology will be used as architectural substrates for ceilings, floors and walls. Her thesis is that one’s home can heal with the power of art and technology. The new luxury is leading edge technology purposed for health and well-being.

Author profile
Krista Kim

LANVIN x Krista Kim ‘18 Collection (link above). Founder of the Techism art movement since 2014 (manifesto link above). For over a millenia, Zen philosophy has taught us that our environment becomes a mirror of the mind. We now live in a digital world, and I create Digital Zen for our screens—our consciousness. Forbes: “The new digital Rothko”. Forbes. Whitewall. Vogue. Elle. FT. WWD. Figaro.

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