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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Clockwork by @holalou

A memory from the past. Like clockwork, dawn is falling, rain is pouring, the moon slowly rising from behind the mountains. Always taking a moment to remember the simple things in life. Artwork based on canvas painting | 4000x4000px

holalou’s use of simple/minimalistic color planes, geometrical abstract shapes creates surprising and impressive imagery. The genius composition of these seemingly naive elements in effect brings the viewers to a different region of the world, a world of nature, memories, feelings and culture. Stories of complexity are right behind the surface of simplicity.

Silent Steps “Panther” by @kaybid

“Kaybid’s animals silently wandering the streets remind the viewer that the world doesn’t only belong to humans, that the urban ecosystem is quite alien to the organic realm, that nothing is permanent and everything just passes through.” Read the article for details; “FROM CONCRETE BLOCKS TO CRYPTO BLOCKS, Street Art Becomes Crypto Art with Kaybid” https://editorial.superrare.com/2021/02/23/from-concrete-blocks-to-crypto-blocks-street-art-becomes-crypto-art-with-kaybid
www.kaybid.live //////// www.instagram.com/kaybid

I highly recommend reading FROM CONCRETE BLOCKS TO CRYPTO BLOCKS, Street Art Becomes Crypto Art with Kaybid. It’s one of the best and most meaningful art stories I’ve ever read. It’s a project not only across space but also time:

“In the ongoing project, approximately over 400 individual animals and almost 30 different species have been implemented. Each of them is marked with photos on Google Maps. Thus, viewers can also find the opportunity to experience the city with a completely different route and awareness perception. You can find the animals on Google Maps.”

“I follow and document the processes of aging and wear off all the animals I paste. Thus, I have the opportunity to follow the time, the urban conditions and the effects of the streets.”

Peaceground by @dangiuz

Wounds are on the inside, not on the outside: when you’ve been fighting for all your life, Peace of mind is the only thing you want to achieve.

dangiuz’s huge and quick success in the crypto art space is not surprising. He captures a trend in crypto art, or even contemporary digital art, namely the love for futuristic, sci-fi, cyberpunk world, characters and aesthetics, and presents it through his own artistic language to the highest level. You have to admit it, his art creates the essence of what fascinates us the most in the 21st century: our imagination, fantasy and romanticism for life of the future. The colors of the night life, LED lights, holograms, flying cars, elevated pathways towering above. The protagonist is in awe of the view of high rise and skyscrapers surrounding him. The stunning visuality furthermore contains a strong storytelling power. It’s the window opens our imagination to the life of future.

Inmates Of Heartache by @maalavidaa

Caught up in a never-ending circle of what we used to call our love. Looking at fate pulling and tearing us apart in opposite directions. And yet here we are, acting like parallel lines who were never meant to cross each other. And yet here we are, still trying to bend the rules of physics in order to keep breaking each other. Until there’s nothing left of us no more. — An echo to the unconscious forces binding us to the eternal spiral of toxic relationships. Making us Inmates Of Heartache. — Sound Design by PA Noel

Malavida’s color therapy. There’s always a story full of emotions behind these colors. Inmates Of Heartache is about “the eternal spiral of toxic relationships”. It’ beautiful and harsh. The colors and their movements invite you to empathize and contemplate, to feel what the artist has felt as well as to observe and experience yourself from within. The soft power of art.

The Sanctuary by @theinternetoffice

A Journey Home

theinternetoffice is another underrated artist that I like very much. To me their art is like a micro ecosystem that has achieved its perfect balance between life and non-life. It is simple and micro, yet the relationships among these objects and life are so delicate, intricate and complex, and within this micro environment you feel the constant life force of the universe. Besides all these, the art is simply beautiful and absolutely stunning in all the details.

Getting Out of My Head by @jonathanwolfe

Digitally edited ink and acrylic painting.

You can tell it’s a jonathanwolfe instantly, I love how efficient and unique his art language has already developed to at such as young age. I like the seemingly “low effort” of this painting, it’s very much cohesive with the whole feeling/philosophy of his art. It’s carefree, lightweight, humorous, down to earth, unpretentious and everyday. It’s about our daily life: what you see on your way home, when you scroll through social media, or common emotions like “Getting Out of My Head”. The signature jonathanwolfe colorful human figures are crowded around and inside of the head. Some of them are chilling, some of them are holding hands, one of them is climbing the ladders. It’s so fun to look at.

The Swamp | Rescue Mission by @pwnisher

INFO: The Swamp | Rescue Mission This piece was crafted over five weeks with the goal of creating a detailed, photorealistic environment that tells a story. I really focused on the atmosphere, lighting and character in order to warrant an emotional reaction from the render. I am inspired by a number of things: — (ONE) An obsession with fog, rain, bad weather and the peace it brings me. It allows me to really slow down and be inspired by the beauty around me. — (TWO) Ambient music. Not that cheap spa music, I mean good stuff by Mount Shrine, Warmth, Boards of Canada, Brian Eno, Stars of the Lid and Ryuchi Sakamoto + Alva Noto to name a few of my favorites. It immediately puts me in another world. It’s the perfect idea starter. — (THREE) Video games like Silent Hill, Shadow of the Colossus, The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding are big ones for me. They all combine atmosphere, character, and music into a perfect playable story. — (FOUR) And travel. Exploring new worlds gets me excited like no other, especially when combined with ambient music and moody weather! St. John’s, Newfoundland offered a lot of the inspiration for this render. — The creation of this piece was live-streamed on my YouTube channel over the course of 5 weeks. It was the inception for a massive montage of renders by other powerful 3D artists that you can find on my channel as well.

One reason I love this piece so much might be that I’m a cinephile. I can imagine what it will look and feel like if this piece of art is ever exhibited in a 4k cinema with ambient sounds playing. It would be as if I’m right in the world created by the artist. The visual and sound effects are so good that it not only creates a photorealistic environment but also conveys a prevailing emotion. As stated in the description, The Swamp | Rescue Mission is inspired by the weather of fog and rain, ambient music, video game like story setting and character and traveling to a different place. It transports you to another world and impacts you emotionally.

Cosmic Divide by @alexhoward

“Cosmic Divide” — Alex Howard Oct 2019. 2160px w. 2700px h. 407 frames. 24fps. 47,634,935 bytes. Tools used: C4D, Octane, AE, a7s II. It is the ultimate act of hubris to assume the primacy of one’s experienced reality. Each decision made expands the scope of existence into a multitude of new interwoven worlds, each with its own consciousness and destiny. As this tangled web of choice and fate swells in size, the universe’s ability to keep separate the threads of existence weakens and their cosmic tethers fray. Collapses can occur, with overlapping worlds breaching the vast yet infinitesimal divides between them. Mind and body alike are torn from their earthly bonds; bathed in the yellow haze of a mocking dawn. There is no greater terror than the realization that our existence lies at the mercy of the unknowable machinations of an indifferent universe.

This is another one I love so much because of my love for filmmaking. Alex Howard’s art “realistically” creates a world full of surreal folklore, universe mystery, dark forces, and futuristic/sci-fi storyline such as the collapse or divide of parallel universes, interwoven with our fate and decision making. Besides being so visually powerful, Cosmic Divide also calls its viewers to reflect from within, evoking deep feelings that we have about our life and existence in this universe.

Lotus River by @dirtyrobot

The Lotus flower blooms in the most unlikely of places, such as muddy, murky river water where it finds sanctuary in the muck. Protected by the waxy layer on its petals, its beauty is blithely unblemished when it re-blooms, as it continues to resurrect itself, coming back just as beautiful as it was in its previous guise. With such refusal to acceptance in defeat, this flower signifies unwavering faith, emblematic of the faith within ourselves to overcome adversity.

I believe the focus on the Lotus flower is originated from Asian/Japanese culture. Lotus flower represents so many good things in Asian culture, one of them is that these flowers grow in the worst kind of environment like mud and murky river, yet they grow so beautiful, clean and pure. So it often symbolizes integrity, virtue, strength to overcome adversity, etc.

The main character is looking dejected. Surrounding him however are blooming lotus flowers. Combining Lotus flower with two goldfish – which symbolize good luck and happiness – Lotus River has a very positive message to its owner/viewers: to have courage during adversity, to never give up because of defeat, and to always have faith.

Nothingness I – The Voice of Nothingness by @muartive

I am at a place where I feel the wind with all my cells. At the very top of the cliff, I am climbing through the nothingness. I hear the whisper calling me from thousands of meters high. This voice drags one into the void as if it were transporting them somewhere. There is a deep feeling that surrounds my body. I am getting lighter as a feather… I find myself at this place that dazzles me with its splendor. And now, I am yelling at those rough, unbreakable and immerse rocks with the voice of nothingness.

A piece about nothingness, void and lightness of being. The furry is a trademark of muartive and might represent the artist himself in this piece. This time it’s put against the unbreakable, heavy, rough and solid rocks. In contrast the softness, lightness, and perhaps powerlessness of the furry feels so stark – and that the artist is “getting lighter as a feather”, struggling among the rocks – the feeling of nothingness and void that one is simply unable to fight against.

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