Top 10 Picks by jhsilvis70

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Weekly Top 10 Picks by jhsilvis70 (@SilvisJohn)

Diversity by @yippiehey

Diversity is my genesis NFT piece inspired by the powerful Black Lives Matter Movement and expresses the manifoldness of humankind and the urge to stand together against racism, neoNazism, right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism, and all other forms of hate. All profits of the sale will be donated to organisations dedicated to the eradication of systemic injustice.

Crypto DeLorean DMC-12 Minted Edition (2) by @waarp

As a fan of the car model in question. I decided to dedicate an artwork to it. (it’s a serie of 2 pieces, this is the second and last). The context is surreal sci fi.

So Much Potential by @donalleniii

This is my first Superrare collaboration with artist Keenan Spencer aka Alchemist Easel. My goal with this collaboration is to help show talented 2D artists like her just how much potential there is with Cryptoart. The feeling I had when I saw my first piece sell on Superrare is an experience I would like her to have. Cryptoart has empowered me to “come out” as an Artist and not just consider myself a digital-creating-servant. We used my 3D skills to model and animate the floating screen and her 2D skills to illustrate a timelapse honoring Vitalik Buterin the co-founder of Ethereum. I believe in this new economy and the community that surrounds crypto and want to welcome more creatives like Keenan into this exciting space! Enjoy the original audio created by me.

we’re hanging out outside of our own heads by @stasienko

i enjoy creating people interacting within a space. i want it to feel almost nostalgic even though it is a fairly abstract interpretation of these characters. i want to make expressionistic work about the human experience that is truer than realistic representation. i want my characters to represent the entirety of humanity while telling an individual story of themselves. thanks for looking! (27×40 print included with NFT)

Jump by @mbsjq

Astro landing on a new planet of dreams and opportunity. Far away from 2020. Digital Illustration from the Astro & the Universe series by mbsjq. 1/1, Single Edition. [Bonus] Digital still render to be included Print Ready.

Atomue by @marterium

Everything around us is built on atoms. They are beautiful and mesmerizing. When they lose their equilibrium, beauty can turn into destruction.

Shy by @estebandiacono


Volvo wedged into a cabin by @chrislabrooy

Year 2019

Animo Crimen by @garycartlidge

Animo Crimen translates from Latin to “Mind Charge”. Where the subconscious breaks up and re-aligns. A sense of new world and dimension for the mind and digital
realm. The piece is digital paint and vector. Mp4 file.

Faceless by @suryanto

A man without fear.

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