Top 10 Picks by Karina

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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Karina (karinarafa_)

Lightheaded Bull by @manards

3D interpretation of Óscar Domínguez 1941 painting ‘Cabeza de Toro”

Flourishing Ep3 by @_james_owen_

A study of light, shadow, form, and function. Built on the basic principles of trigonometry, this series aims to encapsulate the beauty of repetition while embracing the familiarity of space. Audio by @_Gallamimus

Lunch in a boat by @sixnfive

We create digital imaginary spaces where we would like to be. In this creation, we also decided to remove the mosquitoes. From our collection of favorites made in 2020.

Geminae I by @fox

Part one of a two part series on twins. I have always found interesting the connection that exists between twins, and this is a representation of that connection in abstract form. This image is and ultra high res 12000×12000 pixel photograph using 3d printed sculpture, pigments and resin, shot with a macro lens.

Up in Smoke #01 by @weareforeal

A set of playful artworks focusing on the exploration of cartoonish explosions in the three dimensional space.

Cool by @anaduje

Cool, cool, cool.

I FEEL EVERYTHING by @yonfrula

i’m emotional, a real human being.

How Long is Forever? by @kittybast

The first person to purchase this NFT will have the option to also receive the 30×20 inch Original painting on canvas board. Welcome to a world that is both seductive and dangerous. ‘Reflections may expose more reality than the object they echo.’ The surveyor becomes the surveyed. She turns herself into an object of sight. ‘Forever’ might turn out to be just one second, one minute, one day, one month, one year… who knows. Time here is different. Not bad, not good, just not the ‘same’. It does not have any rules to follow. Sleep does not exist. Appreciate the moment. Make it last forever. Every picture tells a story. Not every ending will please you. Winning bidder please contact @katshekittybast on Twitter if you would like me to arrange shipping of the painting 🙂 x (Sennelier oil, acrylic & non toxic thinner, Faber-Castell, various markers)

High Rise by @hoodass

As the sun began to set, its golden rays spread across the endless concrete jungle, turning the grey, ominous towers into works of art for just a fleeting moment.

EGG IN YOLK by @vincentschwenk

This piece is called “egg in yolk” and is an artwork of my ongoing series of soft and squishy objects. I am always trying to build a relationship between different shapes. Often the realism of the material is emphasized, which gives everything a haptic feeling. Even though everything is just digital. – Sound done by Jürgen Branz – Created in 2019 Animation: 1080x1350px Still: 3400x2720px

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