SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report

March 1-7

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 Sweet Lullabies by @mbsjq was collected by @ferchdaddy for $37,951

Sweet Lullabies
Edition 1 of 1
“Just believe in your dreams.” Astro & The Universe. 1/1, Single Edition.

#9 Beyond Gravity by @mbsjq was collected by @beanie for $42,167

Beyond Gravity
Edition 1 of 1
“A life of adventure is ours for the taking, whether we’re seven or seventy.” Astro & The Universe. 1/1, Single Edition.

#8 B, trying to reach out to its audience by @neilbeloufa was collected by @_888_  for $44,228

B, trying to reach out to its audience
Edition 1 of 1
Host B, is an NFT with a counterpart of the same name mapped physically in Neïl Beloufa’s solo exhibition “Digital Mourning” at the Pirelli HangarBiccoca in Milan. In the exhibition, Host B argues with two other hosts (Host A and C) about what the visitors should watch, think and consume as if it were the materialization of a politicized algorithm in a social network feed. Host B uses any argument it can to control the exhibition connected to its program. I was interested in the work as an NFT because it affirms its digital existence and, as stated in the exhibition, means the activity, life and value of the artwork are also on the internet. The certificate includes exclusive access to a 38-minute film shown on the physical counterpart to the NFT in the exhibition. Verisart Certified:

#7 Furry Impression, soleil levant by @muartive was collected by @noradio for $455,65

Furry Impression, soleil levant
Edition 1 of 1
Furry Impression, soleil levant, the sixth part of the six-piece FurryArtworks collection. Furry Artworks series has dominated Behance’s special selection for 3 months. Founder of Behance, Scott Belsky, appreciated and crowned the Furry Artworks series with the title of the most innovative reproduction technique of 2020.
Furry Artworks series has also been appreciated by Saatchi Gallery, Designboom, Plastik which are the inspiring organizations of the art world. ADOBE which produces software to increase and enhance the productivity of the digital art community also promoted the series through its own digital communication channels
Resolution: 4K

#6 High Rise by @hoodass was collected by @rudy for $45,861

High Rise
Edition 1 of 1
As the sun began to set, its golden rays spread across the endless concrete jungle, turning the grey, ominous towers into works of art for just a fleeting moment.

#5 Insomnia by @dangiuz was collected by @noradio for $46,807

Edition 1 of 1
“With insomnia, nothing is real. Everything is far away. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy…”

#4 Trade Routine by @pak was collected by @pakandpunks for $83,168

Trade Routine
Edition 1 of 1

#3 Warhol thinks Pop5 by @hackatao was collected by @_888_  for $85,367

Warhol thinks Pop5
Edition 1 of 1
“Don’t think about making art, just get it done”. Warhol

#2 52Hz by @zomax was collected by @benji8888 for $168,392

Edition 1 of 1
In late 2013 I was stuck in a toxic and mentally destructive work environment and I built a dirty 3D kitchen to cope with that. In the following three years, I couldn’t create anything original. This was the first image after that hiatus and probably the most known thing I’ve ever made. Today, it’s the ‘face’ of Octane Renderer – users around the world see it everyday and it inspired hundrets of artist to start their career in that field. The whole piece took around 3 to 4 months to complete and the rendertime for one highres frame was around 50 hours.

#1 Ego Object by @pak was collected by @silversurfer for $170,431

Ego Object
Edition 1 of 1

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