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Arseny Vesnin (Twitter: @designercollector), founder of Designcollector Network (2003) and curator of the Digital Decade initiatives, exhibitions and online collaborations. Interdisciplinary mediator guiding artists and communicating the future of art. Based in St.Petersburg, Russia. 

Cyber Head – The Army of 2021 by Nikita Replyanski

We are the army of 2021 // R66 Avatar portrait series {#3} // (1/1) 2500 x 2000

DC: What was the concept behind “Avatar Portrait series”? 

NR: R66 Avatar is my artistic alter ego in the Metaverse. There are two main ideas behind the Cyber Head portrait series. First it’s a dialog of me as an artist with my audience in the most simple medium I have – my digital face. I speak about my ideas, feelings and thoughts using it like artistic “tweets” short and clear. The second idea is making some kind of my personal R66 token minted in the shape of Art. I’m searching for new opportunities to develop the second concept right now 🙂 

No. 643 v.71d by Krista Kim

Digital Painting in 4k intended for large screen display. The NFT is a powerful new medium that allows artists to assume full sovereignty and release creative energy into the future. The NFT imparts respect and honor for our work, and immutable value for the contribution we make to culture. As an NFT, art and ideas live forever. It is important to recognize the power behind the engineering an NFT imparts to the meaning and function of art and for the preservation of ideas. Through this medium, I believe it is important to create beauty with the highest intentions for the future of humanity in our many unique ways as a community. In essence, I recognize the NFT itself is a work of art—a feat of engineering that brings art to its highest spiritual ideals. Art should be everywhere and everyone should live like an artist and create their dreams. In a decentralized world, this is possible. This is just the beginning of the crypto revolution, and a creative renaissance is coming. We are creating a new civilization.

DC: How in your words the world may change by 2031? 

KK: We will have a Crypto Renaissance. The crypto Renaissance will exist in equal distribution of wealth, art, science and humanity. People live like artists, creating value for society through their passion and skills. Self expression and transcendence of archaic ideologies and ignorance. No racism. No nationalism. No religion. No sexism. We become a global culture of collaborators and co-creators. Governments will become a localized service through AI and decentralization. Taxes will no longer exist on the Bitcoin standard. 

Dread by Joëlle Snaith

Dread is an audiovisual collaboration between Joëlle and sound artist Killawatt ( “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of the infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.” Created using Vuo, a node based visual programming environment and captured in real-time using VDMX. 1920 x 1080 pixels · 00’25”

DC: How much effort does it take you to create a motion piece like “Dread”?

JS: With my work, the music is always the starting point and the main source of inspiration. Initially, I spend time absorbing the audio and exploring different techniques and experimenting. The software I use —Vuo — enables an iterative workflow, where I don’t know the destination or what the final outcome will be at the start, but I discover and uncover the path as I go along. With a number of tricks I can manipulate and control what the visuals are doing in real-time. To produce a video that I can upload, I capture the visuals live and as I don’t work with a timeline I need to repeat the captures until I’m happy. 

No Escape by Grif 

A figure fights through a generative web of tension, a power struggle ensures as they attempt to break free of these neon restraints

DC: This work looks really intense. Do we have an escape? 

SG: I think the piece visualizes the illusion of escape, the character is walking but never seems to progress from their position, the build up of webbed restraints shows us that now matter how hard they push, there will be more to drag them back into this toxic cycle. This could be interpreted as addiction, or dependency, or even memory 

Tied to the Past by Maalavida

metastasis of present behaviors. Finding their way through the stream of unconsciousness, taking control over our train of thought. Overwhelming. Like a heavy mass pinning you down through the darkness of a bygone age while witnessing the distant glimmer of an unreachable light from the future. « Tied To The Past » is an attempt to depict and exorcise the feeling of being chained to unhealed wounds. When acknowledging damages isn’t enough to reach the surface anymore. When the desire to heal can’t compete with recollections. Tearing past, present and future apart in an endless cycle.

DC: In your works you play a lot with a colourful liquid formation. Does it play a role in depicting a Solaris, collective consciousness? Or is it something else in your meaning?

AM: I love the idea of a collective consciousness. I’m not sure I can one hundred percent say that is what I usually achieve, but I tend to believe that I’m trying to depict feelings that are part of the common experience that is life. 

Natural Habitat by Piano and the Fox

Natural Habitat
Edition 1 of 1
Natural habitat Sound on please!! Breathe, Release, Relax. Repeat again. SFX and Music by Nathan Fields. 9 seconds 1350×1080 px mp4, I would be happy to supply high resolution version to succesful bidder.

DC: I adore your character’s animation. Can you tell a little bit more about the idea or a concept behind your work? 

PF: For my character designs, I love cats and I get inspired a lot from different cat breeds, I pick funny looking ones and I try to recreate them in 3d with smooth geometric shapes, I love 3d modelling. I try to follow design trends very closely.

Enter One by Daniel Taylor

Begin with the end in mind.

DC: Do you think humanity will abandon Earth for other planets? 

DT: I most definitely think humanity will abandon Earth, it’s more a question of when. I just hope we’ll learn from our mistakes and not destroy everything we touch. 

Peach Gardens by Sasha Katz

DC: What was the idea behind this work? Is that all about internet censorship or body positivity?

SK: The idea behind this work is non-toxic sexualization of the female body from the female point of view. Loving and accepting and never judging. 

ICY by Antoni Tudisco

1/5 of the MA Collection.

Tudisco grew up in Hamburg, Germany — and started getting approached by commercial clients after he published sketches and rough renderings on Facebook a couple of years ago — and says he’s recently recognised a rise in big brands like Balenciaga started incorporating animations in their work. 

Connection by Federico Clapis

DC: In your recent work you speak for a future generation. Do you think the world will be more polarised or united? And what role can the next generation (right after Z) play in it?

FC: For a long time, before a union is reached, the world will be polarized by a generation gap. The only thing I’m sure about the role of generation, that Gen-Z will see a couple generations die to hold back and oppose and will make a quantum leap to establish a new world

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Arseny Vesnin (Twitter: @designercollector), founder of Designcollector Network (2003) and curator of the Digital Decade initiatives, exhibitions and online collaborations. Interdisciplinary mediator guiding artists and communicating the future of art. Based in St.Petersburg, Russia.

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