Top 10 Picks by Karina

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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Karina (karinarafa_)

//REVIVE// by DR01D Visuals

In a deserted land new life begins to thrive 💀🌺 sound design by Maxfield 1920×1920 30 fps MP4

Floral Relax by oxeegeno

Times to reflexion. It’s time to bloom

The Beautiful Inside by iammoteh

Finding beauty in a broken world.

Cosmos by So Youn Lee

Moon Mango floating under traveling stars


Tu tacto me relaja

In Bloom by waarp

Nature and human figures are my favorite mix. In this case I found a connection between the blossoming of the rose and the sense of emancipation. res: 4096×5122

Secret Lake by Ghost Paper

‘Secret Lake’ was entirely created with 3d volumetric pixels, more often called as voxels. With each cube being carefully placed within a three-dimensional grid, this piece is both a labour of love as well as a calling for all of us, who once spent a magical afternoon at a secret location.

Ecumenopolis: Sector 1 NYC by xsullo & Dave Krugman

Fall into a future, permeated in wonder and light. You may never want to leave – A collaboration by xsullo + Dave Krugman. CREDITS: Score – Ollie Chanin. VFX – xsullo. Cinematography – Dave Krugman.

Space Bubble by vansdesign

Second piece in collaboration between digital artist Vansdesign and lens-based artist UrBen combining digitally generated animations as a source of colors and reflections and analog techniques without computer effects or animations to capture oils and liquids. More of Ben’s work available on his website:

Diamond Glue. by Apoxia

Some say this is the glue that holds the blockchain together.

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