Top 10 Picks by Harry

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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Harry/boo (@bytekode)

Kiss Me Before You Leave by FEWOCiOUS

we both knew this wouldn’t work..

Dreams by mbsjq

Escape to a tranquil place within your mind. A selection from [The Room Series] by mbsjq. [Bonus] Digital still render to be included Print Ready.

Torture of the jealous by Frenetik Void

He bowed to the treacherous mind. First piece from “The manual for the masochist” series 2019 – (1/2)

The Fantastic Adventure of Death by Petio

Nothing is lost,nothing is created,everything is transformed – 2D and 3D animation – MP4 video loop

Glitch In The Matrix by grif

The piece borrows the concept of ‘spawning’ from video games, we see avatars repeatedly spawned over and over as if a glitch has occurred in a game, causing an absurd stack of idle bodies to pointlessly inhabit an idyllic interior setting. Are we living in a simulation?

World leaders by artonymousartifakt

Based on the same process as my ‘The unknowns’ series.

Colored Interior by Six N. Five

The goal was to create by playing to compose the frame with colors, shapes, and textures using them in the best way possible. The result is this image that looks like an Interior.

admire.asimov by catelloo

3d illustration by catelloo, 2019, 2666x3333px, png


People are collecting a lot of things in Jars. So I had the Idea for a Series called “DISASTER IN A JAR”. This is the first of 5 Jars with a Disaster happening in it. THE NUKE is a nuclear explosion in a Jar. It took a lot of Time and Computer Power to get this first Jar filled up.

Artificial Flowers by Peter Tarka

01/03 of my Ugly Plants Collection Made with Cinema 4D, X-Particles and rendered in Octane. 2500×2500 px Single Edition

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