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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

0112_Goodboi_Adventure_2000x2000_24fps_ProRes_422 by Ondrej Zunka

My first Superrare artwork. Goodboi Adventure, inspired by the Dynamism of a dog on a leash is my take on blurring the lines between the imagined and the real. This artwork features original audio also created by me.

The most trippy, surreal, exotic, alien dog on SuperRare. Ondrej Zunka creates such a dreamlike scenario with a dreamlike ease. The audio created by the artist adds a lot to the effect too. (There’s sound of woof)

next by planttdaddii

Sister piece of ‘Meadow Stomper’ Created using Z-brush, Cinema4d, Octane

planttdaddii is my favorite 3D sculptor on SuperRare. The details are even richer & more exquisite than nature itself. It’s a little magic bee.

Ecumenopolis: Sector 1 NYC by xsullo & Dave Krugman

Fall into a future, permeated in wonder and light. You may never want to leave – A collaboration by xsullo + Dave Krugman. CREDITS: Score – Ollie Chanin. VFX – xsullo. Cinematography – Dave Krugman.

VFX + Cinematography. New York City of the future. There are Earth 2.0, Museum of Crypto, mind uploading, TSLA/Bitcoin, Building of Ethereum, hologram… but also familiar stuff like hot dog, coffee, and GOOD TIME. The future ain’t looking bad.

Undefeated Soldier by dirtyrobot

Always Winning!

A quiet piece with deep inner power. The Japanese style resolution to not be defeated and always to win as soldier.

Enter One by Dániel Taylor

Begin with the end in mind.

2001 Space Odyssey vibe. It’s a slow piece maybe not suitable for your short attention span. But it’s about existence transcending space & time, united with the beginning and the end.

The Last Supper by musketon

The Last Supper is a digital remake collecting all events of 2020. It’s packed with extreme details and references to pop-culture (Breaking Bad, Toy Story, Up, The Shining, Back To The Future…). Zoom up to 64000% to discover the smallest details. Important: I released this a limited series print in 2020, but now I’m offering a unique NFT version of this work.

Best The Last Supper remix of 2020. The details are amazing, capturing everything about the unforgettably disastrous year: from the covid, Trump, to Big Techs.

Pipa by Patrícia Costa

Child’s play, taken for life. * Digital painting with canvas texture. The modern and traditional. Brincadeira de criança para a vida toda. * Pintura digital com textura de tela. O moderno e tradicional.

Check out this artist’s Instagram. The style is so unique and distinctive. I love how the portraits are abstracted to the extent that they also look like still life, decorative objects or patterns. Very interesting.

Coral v1 by Peter Tarka

This artwork was created as part of my mini series called Sealife. 25% of the final bid will be donated to Coral Reef Alliance and Project Aware. 01/02

Peter Tarka’s sculptures of life and lifeless objects break the boundaries of each other. Life begins to looks like decorating objects and lifeless objects are given organic force of life. The colors are beautiful in an unreal way. The coral freezes in time, is completely still.

Importantly 25% of the final bid will be donated to Coral Reef Alliance and Project Aware. See tweet.

6088AD by zomax

This piece was part of the biggest and most ambitious project that I’ve ever done in my 17-year long career as a digital artist (up until now, mid of february 2021). I recorded and documented everything of the 3-month long creation process into a 1.5-hour long video tutorial that took me almost 10 months to complete. This piece is probably the most important documentation of my teeth grinding, artistic struggle to this day and demanded everything of me. After this, I couldn’t create anything for over a year and was severely burned out. Spending so much time on a single image and the recording of its creation process, publishing it felt like being in trance and I couldn’t focus on anything else for a few weeks.

Perhaps one of the best crafting of a still image. I’m really happy to see all the effort is paid off and rewarded by a collector who truly sees its value. Style wise it’s a typical zomax’s deserted place. Time is set in the future. The traces left by human & civilization (graffitis) are heavy. There are robotic like creatures. The astronaut and a CCTV are looking at each other (in fact there’s another CCTV looking at the astronaut, who, seeking connections, looks lonely and sad.)

Continuum Remix v.5 by Krista Kim

Meditative video art with original healing sound frequency music. Collaboration with Efren Mur and Ligovskoi. 1920 x 1080 Meditation will save us from the machine; art will save us from ourselves. I believe in the healing and transformational power of visual art + sound + meditation on an individual and a social level. Our future is unknown and unstable. There are difficult times ahead due to social and economic unrest due to pandemic risk, decentralization, automation and climate change. Collective fear is undeniable, but we cannot allow ourselves to be dominated by fear — we must face the unknown with open hearts and mindfulness. In chaos, there is creative opportunity. We must create a better future with compassion and love. My collaboration with video artist Efren Mur (Berlin) and electronic music band Ligovskoï (Paris) was created during the COVID-19 crisis. Our purpose is to present a vision of meditativeness and digital beauty to collective consciousness. The world is forever changed, and we must adapt with mindfulness, self care and connection to creative energy that will help us navigate the unknown.

I didn’t look at the description first, but when I did, I saw I felt everything the artist wants the viewers to feel. It’s a “meditative video art” that has the healing and transformation power. The artist believes in the confluence of art and technology together as a medium to further the development of digital humanism.

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