Top 10 Picks by Perkins #4

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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Perkins (eyeballkid)

if i was a falling star, would you catch me? by blacksneakers

never let me fade away

caged by Robert Sundelin

facial reconstruction.

Plexipitch by NewColossal

Transmatter Synthesizer

Gemini by bakaarts

Synergy. Symmetry. Connected // 4000×5000

DAYDREAMING by Marc Tudisco

1/1 EDITION // DAYDREAMING by Marc Tudisco

SUBJ3CT 12 by nessgraphics


EYEBREACH by plsandty

PLS&TY Collaboration with Artin Ghokasiyan / Shakkablood | Seamless Looping Audio & Visual

6088AD by zomax

This piece was part of the biggest and most ambitious project that I’ve ever done in my 17-year long career as a digital artist (up until now, mid of february 2021). I recorded and documented everything of the 3-month long creation process into a 1.5-hour long video tutorial that took me almost 10 months to complete. This piece is probably the most important documentation of my teeth grinding, artistic struggle to this day and demanded everything of me. After this, I couldn’t create anything for over a year and was severely burned out. Spending so much time on a single image and the recording of its creation process, publishing it felt like being in trance and I couldn’t focus on anything else for a few weeks.

The Usurper by Alessio De Vecchi

‘Indifference is the essence of inhumanity’ G. B. Shaw. Score by Bransboynd

LaserRayUntill100k by

I will accept the highest bid at the time when bitcoin reaches 100K.

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