Valentine’s Day Drop on SuperRare by Marjan Moghaddam

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Baisser in Virtual Mary Boone with GAN Collage Paintings

In 2018, the Internet fell in love with Marjan Moghaddam’s Baisser (kiss) at Mary Boone in Glassish and Waxish”. Renamed “Gallery Date”, the #arthack went viral racking up 2.6 Million Views on top art channel Nowness’ Facebook post, and many more millions of views on other channels such as OutofVirals on Instagram with 2 million views. The beloved and widely shared mixed reality animation captivated audiences internationally with its spectacular visual beauty, edgy and contemporary glitched style, and Marjan’s original and unique style of 3d CG animation. Last Fall, Nowness included the original Baisser in its Media Arts Pioneers Cultural Programming series. When asked why this piece became so popular, she explains, “every generation has to define the new styles of figuration for its time, and Baisser’s appeal was that it re-interpreted love in a completely new and different way for our post digital and virtual world”. 

This valentine’s Day fall in love all over again with this beloved and celebrated internet-based work of digital art, as a tokenized edition of 1/1 on SuperRare, for the collector who simply must have the greatest digital art works of our time. The new version of the animation was created by Marjan with a virtual gallery loosely modeled after New York City’s legendary, blue chip, Mary Boone gallery, with a new backdrop of AI GAN Collaged paintings created by Marjan specifically for this new Baisser (kiss). A new musical score by NYC and Nashville based electronic musician & producer Blake Skipper accompanies this work. 

Marjan Moghaddam is an internationally renowned digital artist and animator celebrated for her original and unique style of 3d CG figuration and animation. The influential artist is the recipient of top awards in digital art and has exhibited her new media art at museums such as the Smithsonian and received funding from the likes of the Rockefeller Fund. Her AR art made Forbes’ Best of AR art list in 2019, and she was Adobe’s Artist-In-Resident in AR and keynote speaker. Marjan was most recently selected to create permanent AR and physical sculpture commissions at Hillsborough Park, as part of Hillsborough Castle where the Queen of England stays at. 

Baisser (kiss) was originally done as part of Marjan’s award-winning conceptual #arthacks mixed reality Net art project, which she started in 2016, as a way of redefining form for digital art, radicalizing curation and democratizing the exhibition space. Marjan who Conde Nast’s Love magazine calls “The Hijacker” , considers Baisser as one of the best examples of her new style of animation she has termed Chronometric Sculpture, which blends the ideals of animation with that of sculpture. For her revolutionary style she blends pose-to-pose with procedural/generative, motion graphics, and simulation/dynamics based 3d CG animation techniques. Fluidly transitioning between various sculptural volumes and forms she references art, animation, media, cinema and CG history alongside the inherent aesthetics of digital plasticity.

Marjan was most recently in the Dreamers issue of French Fries magazine from Milan featuring 60 visionaries from around the world and was a featured artist in the Contemporary Surrealism issue of Trebuchet International Fine Arts magazine. She will be a featured artist in the upcoming inaugural issue of Stuck magazine from Berlin. Most recently she talked about Cryptoart in this Piece, and is a guest on this week’s BitcoinLive on Youtube. “This is definitely in the top 5 of the best pieces I have ever made”, the artist concludes. She will be tokenizing this new version on Sunday February 14th on SuperRare, for Valentine’s Day. 

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marjan moghaddam

Award winning CG artist/animator known 4 transgressive #arthacks, anims, AR/VR, & unique style of figuration & anim.

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