The complete guide to answering: You cannot hang CryptoArt on your wall, why do you buy it?

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Answering one of the most asked questions once and for all. Original tweet:

Answer 1: You can hang them on the wall

Print, frame, wall.

I hang all my cryptoart on a wall. Including some of the more expensive pieces, with no fear of it getting damaged or stolen… cause I have original in my wallet.


Digital frames like Infinite Objects, Meural, Samsung The Frame.

Answer 2: Phone/Computer screen is the new wall

“Do you spend more time looking at digital screens or at empty walls?” That always stops the discussion.


I hang it on my screen. – @zontedart

You simply just answer: Are you spending more time looking at walls or at your phone nowadays? – @magall_art

I hang it as wallpaper on my phone and laptop. Def eyeball it much more than traditional art. – @ik80

I don’t hang actual art on my walls either I tire of it too quickly. But I change my desktop background every week and view my favorite NFTs almost every day. Digital art fits this generation’s shorter attention span and evolved tastes. – @Evilvoxels

You can display digital assets on your collector account. – @ezzyland

Tokenizing the piece gives it visibility to all for an indefinite timeline while also be held/preserved by one individual. – @GiselFlorez

Your collection can be viewed by anyone from anywhere, not just people who happen to come into your home. You have the option of showing it to more people. – @artbyjstelco

Answer 3: supporting artists

When you buy a painting for example, you pay for the time and effort of the artist, same with crypto art. That’s what you are really paying for.


Supporting someone who created something I appreciate. – @koloz193

You loved an idea and believed in it so much for what it was and the brilliance you saw in its execution, that you decided to invest in that idea and its creator to share in whatever comes of it in the future. – @manuel_ahe_

Answer 4: art is not just for decorating the wall

Art isn’t purely for decoration.


Ownership of something digital doesn’t mean it has less value. – @koloz193

Do you hang your money on a wall? Do you hang your stocks and bonds on a wall? No! Some valuables you appreciate from the comfort of your desk chair and laptop…and take pride in knowing…you own them. – @llehctim70

I’d say that’s a silly nonsensical metric for analyzing something you enjoy. – @letshope2change

Answer 5: hang them in virtual galleries

We hang it on our VR walls, real walls are for boomers.


I would say wt do u mean by wall? In the future most life will br in virtual, and of course there will be virtual wall. Then the physical wall will seems so boring and unnecessary most of time. – @noodlesli2016

Virtual galleries such as: CryptoVoxels, Somnium Space VR, Decentraland

Answer 6: better liquidity

If I’m buying art that I intend to flip, I overwhelmingly prefer NFT. It never deteriorates and it’s easy to transfer and prove that it’s real.


Having it always available to buy. – @artbyjstelco

I usually say digital art has now become an investment opportunity much like physical art, which retains value and can be re-sold. – @simulationlab

Answer 7: traditional physical art isn’t always hung on the wall either

Most high end collectors usually pay art movers to transfer it directly to a temperature controlled insurance held vault. What I’m hinting at is that art collectors primarily also do not hang traditional art on their walls do to possible damage from exposure.

Answer 8: *ignores*
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