Exhibition: An Orchestra of Crickets

An Orchestra of Crickets: an exploration of language and possibilities

Curated by Anna Seaman (@anaoanna) and Jennifer Stelco (@stelcart)

Featured artists: @stelcart; @mercpin; @hipworth; @myriadinart_; @suryanto; @jonathanwolfe; @soulinearte; @uweheinedebrodt; @quasimondo; @MBSJQ; @glasscrane

Opening: Feb 5

Location: Cryptovoxels SuperRare Gallery

The mysteries of the English language have never been as beguiling as when it comes to collective nouns. A murder of crows or a parliament of owls; a cauldron of bats or a troubling of goldfish. These mouthfuls of sentences chew around in your mind and conjure up a clash of images and metaphoric madness that demand a pause for thought. The selected artists in this exhibition have delved into these both literally and stylistically to bring us these unique and special creations. The whole show is aimed to make you stop and take notice next time you run up a flight of stairs or open a chest of drawers.

Here is a run-down of the artists and their works.

Chest of Drawers @stelcart

Co-curator of this exhibition @stelcart’s work fuses realism and hyperbole as the woman in this frame transforms into a piece of furniture. Stylistically, the artist relies on simple outlines and two dimensions but her wonderful animation gives the chest of a woman the depth it needs to unfold into drawers and within each one she has hidden a surprise.

Chest of Drawers
Edition 1 of 1

Created for the Orchestra of Crickets exhibition hosted by Superrare in the cryptovoxels gallery. The exhibition’s theme is collective nouns, and I chose this one because it’s one we use a lot, but don’t often think of as a collective noun. I loved imagining this literal interpretation, and creating a human (ish) chest, full of drawers. Once again I credit the sound track to Edgar Vicioso, aka DJ Fathead. Stylistically, I loved going back to my roots with this 2D, outlined animation, similar to my Hybrid Heroine collection. For one month from February 5th 2021 you can view this in the cryptovoxels gallery using this link: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/[email protected],59N
Are you falling in love? I have a feeling you are. (A Cocktail of Drugs) @mercpin

Twisting and floating through mesmerising spaces, the figures in this piece are entwined in the emotion of love. Is love the drug or is it drugged love? Get lost in trying to find the answers to this conundrum and consider love from a new perspective.

Are you falling in love? I have a feeling you are.
Edition 1 of 1

Are you falling in love with a feeling?
Nobility of Beasts @hipworth

Sprawling in grandeur, regal yet debauched, the beasts in this artwork are deliciously contrary. They spread their wings (and their legs) beneath a spray of bubbles, which itself is laced with double entendre. The whole piece marvellously captures the discrepancies and mysteries of its titled collective noun.

Nobility of Beasts
Edition 1 of 1
A Body of Women @myriadinart_

The hallucinogenic tone of this piece with writhing limbs in the semi-darkness and eye slits peering out from behind the primary character, who is undoubtedly a “womxn”, is exemplary of this artist’s surrealistic style and her interest in figurative formations. For further exploration and comparison, check out Body Of Men – this work’s sibling piece.

A Body of Women
Edition 1 of 1
We All Come From One. For Orchestra of Crickets!
Fierce Teacher (A School Of Fish) @suryanto

This self-confessed Basquiat inspired artist quotes Albert Einsten on his SR profile when he says that “imagination is more important than knowledge”. This could hardly be more apt for this piece where the fish at school are overthrowing discipline and the fierce, shark-toothed teacher stands perilously close to a black hole. It is witty, engaging and anti-establishment.

Fierce Teacher
Edition 1 of 1
If i’m a fish, i won’t go to school anymore.
Army of Frogs @jonathanwolfe

This artist always manages to tackle subjects with an air of light-hearted optimism that sometimes belies the more serious nature of his work. Here, his army of multicoloured frogs line up, sentry-like, ready for action and each with a wry smile on its face. With humour we wonder what is behind their eyes, with careful consideration we may find surprising answers.

Army of Frogs
Edition 1 of 1
Digitally edited ink drawing
Wisdom of Grandparents @soulineart

Like a dial on a clock, symbols rotate over a face marked with this artist’s signature lines that populate many of her artworks. The lines, in this case, signify age and wisdom and the movement reflects the complex nature of life itself. 

Wisdom of grandparents
Edition 1 of 1
Time runs infinite through the fading smoke. The wisdom of the gods lies on a mountain ravaged by black fire. Knowledge travels in a continuous spiral. There where mountains of wrinkles are formed, between the cracks of a face full of stories, there you will find the most valuable secrets of a life that has been free.
Microcosmos 7 – A Clew of Worms @uweheinedebrodt

The worms here are almost tactile. Juicy and squelchy they are static yet seemingly not. However, bleached out in grey, they are the stars of the show and also the background. The swirls and spots, ribbons and buttons that pop out of the screen are inspired by the organic forms of nature that continue to fascinate this artist.

Microcosmos 7 – A clew of worms
Edition 1 of 1
Part of the #orchestraofcrickets exhibition on the 5th Feb 2021 in Cryptovoxels. There are microcosmic worlds in nature that we do not observe and only imagine , which are full of colors and shapes. they must be wonderful!
A Graceful Drop (Tower of Giraffes) @quasimondo

Scepticism and sarcasm collide in this piece as a serene and enchanting rain of giraffes glides gracefully into a majestic tower, only to be squashed, squeezed and bent out of shape in their finale. The surprise element and humour invite the viewer to watch it again and again.

Graceful Drop (A Tower of Giraffes)
Edition 1 of 1
It goes undisputed that the mighty giraffe is the most graceful creature in the whole animal kingdom.
A Flight of Stairs @MBSJQ

Astro takes on the universe in flight. Astro’s many adventures have been played out across SR and here, he flies into this exhibition up a flight of fluffy pink stairs with an inflatable swan thrown to the stars.

A Flight Of Stairs
Edition 1 of 1
“When opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to go after it.” Digital Illustration from the [Astro & the Universe] series by mbsjq. Part of the #orchestraofcrickets exhibition on the 5th Feb 2021 in Cryptovoxels. 1/1, Single Edition.
Chain of Events @glasscrane

The mesmerising chain constructed from this character’s circular spinal column, which rotates and triggers an explosion of energy from the heart is a fabulous combination of lighting, texture and design. Playing on the energetic fields of connectivity that bind all of humanity together, this piece allows each viewer to ponder upon the domino effect of a chain of events.

Chain of Events (Illusionist)
Edition 1 of 1
My submission to the “Orchestra of Crickets” exhibition.

An Orchestra Of Crickets, curated by Anna Seaman (@anaoanna) and Jennifer Stelco (@stelcart)

February 5th – March 5th, 2021 SuperRare’s Cryptovoxels gallery: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/[email protected],59N

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