SuperRare Secondary Market Weekly Report

January 25-31

Weekly recap of the highest digital art secondary sales on SuperRare.

#8 Kim on the Block by hex6c was sold by 0x12345678910 to westcoastbill for $2,635
ROI: 2,078%
Artist royalty to hex6c: $264

Kim on the Block
Edition 1 of 1
No clear news, not a fink / and State mysteries thrive / Not just paper and ink: / in code we must dive / Either way, one might think / better dead than alive. Designed by Chiara Braidotti and coded by hex6c

#7 La_resort by WintEagle was sold by zuluartstorage to __defi__ for $2,864
ROI: 132%
Artist royalty to WintEagle: $286

Edition 1 of 1

#6 Do [Even] Spoons [ Even] Exist? by Max Osiris was sold by nosey to maxstealth for $3,220
ROI: 7,218%
Artist royalty to Max Osiris: $322

Do [Even] Spoons [Even] Exist?
Edition 1 of 1
A third take on the spoon thing just slipped dimensions.

#5 Glass Jail by KidMoGraph was sold by digitaljoe to colborn for $4,698
ROI: 91%
Artist royalty to KidMoGraph: $470

Glass Jail
Edition 1 of 1
Seamless animation of a human being trapped in a colorful vitreux glass. Modeled in Cinema4D / Rendered in Redshift 180 Frames 2560 x 2560 px

#4 Lambøhüasca by Max Osiris was sold by fineart to maxstealth for $6,012
ROI: 43,271%
Artist royalty to Max Osiris: $601

Edition 1 of 1
If you ever sneak outside of [time] just remember: Lamborghinis are kind of useless in the jungle, and even more difficult to explain to the entities that may be squatting in your auric field. /restart simulation

#3 Lanza (Spear) by Lucas Aguirre was sold by kaizer to Fastackl for $7,338
ROI: 541%
Artist royalty to Lucas Aguirre: $734

Lanza (Spear)
Edition 1 of 1
Homemade photogrammetry worked on a virtual reality painting and sculpting software. This model was part of Islas, a vr experience exhibited in 2019 in Argentina. You can view a extract of it at

#2 Rips 🙂 by slimesunday was sold by bad_g to zonted for $8,584
ROI: 243%
Artist royalty to slimesunday: $858

Rips 🙂
Edition 1 of 1
Over the course of my career, many of my artworks have been censored or deleted from my social media portfolios for explicit content violations. Both Instagram and Facebook have flagged my account, making it almost impossible to release new artworks to their platforms. This is my second release from the “Banned From The Internet” series, and honestly one of my all time favorite slimesunday creations.

#1 Ghost in the FaceB by Hackatao was sold by VK Crypto to westcoastbill for $30,627
ROI: 7,352%
Artist royalty to Hackatao: $3,063

Ghost in the FaceB
Edition 1 of 1
What’s left of us on social networks when we die? Digital ghosts that persecute our friends or a place of memory, a digital tomb that reminds us more of the real tombstone? Will the selfie that will be fatal come?

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