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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Contritum Valle by Gary Cartlidge

An oil painting I made is broken into two to make new fruit. Mixing vectored elements like the path and boxes form new roads, breaking and re-distributing nourishment. A vision of breaking and growing your mind, the valley only you can walk. png 2862 x 2022 300dpi

Gary Cartlidge’s vector floor is becoming his signature. Within a rather traditionally constructed 3D perspective & space, is a mixture of different art approaches that are put together creating the effect of surrealism. There are oil-painting objects like a glitching/withering tree, a turbulent unreal sky full of painterly clouds (the brushstrokes are very obvious), mountains and wasteland (unreal golden colored) on the both sides of the vector road. Then there are weird abstract objects coming directly from a 2-dimensional world: a tower-like thing consist of a black triangle and a red circle, a vector path in the middle, a box, numbers, and other BW vector patterns, positioning themselves as if they have real entities. Finally there are graffiti like paints crossing over the piece, perhaps to remind us this is a painting, an illusion of a dreamlike space, where things from different worlds are put together all illogically.

ShellTer I by KidMoGraph

ShellTer I Personal exploration about the loneliness, the inside and the outer world. Seamless loop / 1920 x 2560 / 30fps / MP4

Definitely the best 3D animation work I’ve seen in a while. It’s a series of 3. KidMoGraph’s previous works often have the human figures trapped within amber/gemstones, for example EVE; or simply within a box that they cannot go out of, for example TRAPPED. So the ShellTer series is a continuing exploration of a theme that is dear to the artist: the inside vs the outside and loneliness. In this series the human figures are trapped in very delicate beautiful shells. Within them small ecosystems are developed (like plants and pearls). The humans figures are very much withdrawn from the outside, they curl up, lower their heads, and face inwardly. Yet unlike a gemstone or a glass box, the shells are half open, therefore exposing the inside. You feel the vulnerability and the refusal of the outside much stronger. They are self-trapped in their own loneliness.

Path to oblivion by lookattheparkinglot

But first: one last, silent stop. The final glance.

lookattheparkinglot is the artist working on the subject of clouds. Clouds in the vast sky. Everything’s perfectly still and quiet, only the clouds are moving slowly, the movement is almost indiscernible. The space is so vast and empty, the human scale is so tiny – if you look closely you can see a person standing next to his/her car. You feel the (unbearable) lightness of being. Further away the cars on both side roads are actually moving. Where are they driving to? The roads are in the middle of nowhere, no trace of civilization but the clouds. And they are heading toward – heaven? The one last, silent stop.

Recharge by iammoteh

The Dextera 8000 is the future of custom prosthetics. Charged with Hydra-nanites, the exo-based prosthesis is able to regenerate tissue at a rate never before seen. Furthermore, the new Terra-connect and the enhanced neural pathways significantly shortens the time from stimulus to response, giving Dextera a response time up to 80 times faster than the human equivalent. The nanites have an aprox lifetime of 30 days and they are fully recharged in 2 hours using the included cables.

This is very likely what human (cyborg) arms will look like in the future. The technical part about charging is explained in the art description.

*Prosthetics is the evaluation, fabrication, and custom fitting of artificial limbs, known as “prostheses.” Prostheses enhance the function and lifestyle of persons with limb loss. The prosthesis must be a unique combination of appropriate materials, alignment, design, and construction.

feral rhythm by Adrià Gil

Digitally created artwork in hi-res at 2048×2068 pixels from “the pain and pleasure” portrait series. Created mixing techniques of generative code with artificial intelligence.

My favorite AI artist of now. Again – I love how perfectly integrated the AI technique is into a more traditionally like painting, both as an oil painting and the subject matter – portraits of “pain and pleasure”. While it portrays something deeply emotional and human, it doesn’t lose the meaning of the technical advance of AI – the eerie, all wrong construction of a distorted human face by a machine.

Rocky X Astro by mbsjq

Rocky X Astro. There’s A Rocky In All Of Us. [Astro & The Universe]

mbsjq’s main character Astro has been to a lot of places engaging in various kinds of activities (like Cloud Surfer and Electric Dreams) and been through a lot of emotional states (like Lost Love, Gravity Vs Existence and Happy Now). Going through his works is like reading a diary by Astro, or even something autobiographical about the artist himself, manifested through a fantasy about an astronaut traveling through universe, inner emotive worlds, and surreal places. In “Rocky X Astro,” Astro becomes Rocky, and dreams the American Dream.

The Pseudonym by Han


It’s a real delight both looking at and reading about Han’s art. It’s a conceptual piece wrapped in a minimalistic video art of 5 seconds. Read this tweet to learn the meaning behind it. The piece was created on the birthday of Bitcoin (January 3rd) to celebrate the 12th year of revolution.

1 pixel in time-stamped memory of the Genesis. 4200×5000 – 21 million pixels in timestamped memory of the circulation.

It’s such a rare thing to see art with deeper message behind in today’s crypto art world, what’s more – the message/concept is so elegantly and succinctly conveyed through a digital piece with high aesthetics.

Crushing It by Marble Mannequin

Crushing metal on a conveyor belt seamless loop. Wearing headphones is recommended for full pleasure. Rendered in Blender Cycles. Render time: 13 hours. Modeling and animating time: 69 hours.

Marble Mannequin is one of the best crypto artists working on 3D motions about things, metals mostly. You see highest level of craftsmanship in these digital 3D objects – how they move, morph, being cut half or into pieces. And yes they are crushing it.

Flamingo Playground by Gavin Shapiro & Thomas Pomarelle

Some flamingos spend a day in the sun at Grolar Playground. A collaboration between Thomas Pomarelle and Gavin Shapiro. Music by Vigintillion.

Sorry just have to love these flamingos… This time Gavin Shapiro collaborated with Thomas Pomarelle – how clever! I bet Gavin saw thomaspom’s Scooter ASMR and fell in love with its infinite loops, playground with bright cheerful colors and all the beautiful small details, so he put his dancing flamingos on the playground and made it Flamingo Playground. I can’t believe the flamingos are even skateboarding.

YEAR OF THE OX by nickeays

See you again in 12 years Rat.

Can you believe this is about Chinese zodiac signs?? As a Chinese I would never imagine one of the 12 zodiac animals would be in this shape/costume – this proves how original & creative this adaptation is. I thought the horns are devil horns – of those mythical characters that nickeays loves to portray; only later I realized they are ox horns. Anyway I love it. Especially the way the two bottles of milk suggest something hidden behind the arms. I’m really curious what the rest 11 animals would look like if all designed by nickeays.

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