2084: (Fantastic) Intermezzo of a Contemporary Witness

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2084 Part II (Part I: 2084: the High Topicality of CYBERPUNK)


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THE B1TCOIN CITADEL – (part of the „2084“ series) — find the articles about „2084“ on the SuperRare Editorial. Unique 1/1 original edition beside the vintage red variants.


One day before the 19th Halving – 2084

All those who in the early 2020s still considered Bitcoin to be an entertaining phenomenon with an abrupt expiration date were under a misapprehension. The last decades recorded some ups and downs, but in the last consequence Bitcoin always remained what it was! A revolution! A decentralized invention that was brought to life by the people themselves. Even though the antiquated technology was questioned in all these years, nothing had changed. Bitcoin came to stay and is stronger now than ever.

I am still one of the few happy people who have received an inheritance from their father. In my case a small collection of silver coins, each containing 0.01 BTC and the Private Keys. But I can also call some paperwallets my own – I could retire before I entered the working world.

It is night. The city glows in a sea of neon colors. From my window I have a direct view of the outstanding Bitcoin Citadel, which was built in 2055. This wonderful combination of different buildings was built by patrons who had come to a great fortune in Bitcoin in the early days. It may be hard to believe, but these people were philanthropists through and through, and aware of their responsibility and power, which is why they built some facilities for their needy fellow men in the Citadel complex. They also dedicated a building to all the physical works of art that they acquired over the years through their foundation. The “Museum of interdisciplinary CryptoArt” is worth a visit and will take many their breath away, because here you can see the beginnings of an art movement that skillfully built a bridge between physical and digital art. Whether coins, sculptures or paintings with AR or old posters – here you can find everything that decisively influenced the world of Blockchain and the digital art revolution.

Just as the Bitcoin disciples are loved, they are hated by a small group of people along with all the technology believers and inventors of other industries. They are held responsible for a society that has an even greater distribution problem than in the last century; for a significant increase in mechanization in all areas of life. They are held responsible for a dehumanization that has never happened before. Some see especially the invention of the Blockchain technology as a devilry that has made the great mass of people even more transparent and controllable. Their declared enemy is the system and the outgrowth of the…

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THE TRANSPARENT C1TIZEN – (part of the „2084“ series) — find the articles about „2084“ on the SuperRare Editorial. Unique 1/1 original edition beside the vintage red variants.


It is true that the rise of the computer age and the cell phones of that time has exposed people and their consumer behavior, their attitudes to life and society and their communication more than ever before. In the ether of cyberspace a sea of voices was inaudible to the individual… Myriads of voices and words. Big Brother is watching us and we started watching Big Brother. Cameras sprouted like mushrooms from the ground in the streets… all under the pretext of more security. Freedom was our price. Intelligent facial recognition and tracking of movements using satellite technology. Everything was networked with everything else… the Internet of Things… under the pretext of an increase in comfort and efficiency. Today, the masses do not want to miss the conveniences of the hyper-modern age. We are almost dependent on it, especially when it comes to optimizing the human being and his body…

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INS1DE CONTR0L – (part of the „2084“ series) — find the articles about „2084“ on the SuperRare Editorial. Unique 1/1 original edition beside the vintage red variants.


The last frontier was already broken in the early 30’s… the frontier to the inside and with it the successful implantation of brain chips. At that time, this first generation of chips was supposed to cure diseases such as depression, but this was only a partial success, as only a few disorders of depression were caused purely endocrine. The majority were rather caused by trauma, childhood developments and negative experiences. What society did not see was the invention of a kind of modern lobotomy, in which subversive subjects unpleasant for the system could be brainwashed, which could turn any aversive attitude into consent and conformity.  

But the underworld and rebels also made use of the new technology and used it in a targeted manner after missions to… forget. Because as George Orwell said in 1984: “if you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.” The brain chips efficiently made memories disappear in the fog of forgetting.

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ENT3R: the ETHERVERSE (part of the „2084“ series) — find the articles about „2084“ on the SuperRare Editorial. Unique 1/1 original edition beside the vintage red variants.


But also whole people literally disappeared from the picture surface… from the „real“ picture surface. One should understand me correctly: I am a big fan of the modern VR worlds and I spend my time there from time to time and with measure and purpose, but in the course of history and due to the emergence of Etherverse, a world full of different worlds, which had a super computer in the background in a decentralized way by means of sharding, more and more people entered VR. Life was getting harsher and harsher, especially in the 50’s and in the big cities. While the elite spent a life full of comfort and glamour in the heights of the shining towers, it looked completely different in the depths of the streets. The decay found its climax. The hopelessness and harshness of reality drove many into the sunny worlds of VR. There one could be whoever one wanted to be. There one could experience a feeling of freedom that stood in opposition to the dependencies of the outside world. 

But the Etherverse is not only a universe for the stranded… it is also a world of the creative, the adventurers and the players. You have to experience it for yourself to see how impressively real it is. Always remember that it is one reality, but that there is another reality too, which you cannot deny lightly. However…

I still look spellbound at the citadel. It glows in a sea of neon colors. The clock strikes Thirteen. It is slowly time for a little sleep… It was a long day.

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